Probe Into Origins of 2016 Surveillance of Trump Campaign Expands


Fox News reported that John Durham has expanded the scope of his investigation into the origins of the 2016 surveillance of the Trump campaign. While this isn’t a criminal probe, it could be very bad news for Democrats.

The U.S. Attorney John Durham was appointed by Attorney General Bill Barr to investigate the origins of the 2016 counterintelligence probe into Russia and the Trump campaign.

Multiple senior administration officials said the timeline is wider than has been known.

However, based on what he has been finding, Durham has expanded his investigation adding agents and resources, the senior administration officials said. The timeline has grown from the beginning of the probe through the election and now has included a post-election timeline through the spring of 2017, up to when Robert Mueller was named special counsel, Fox News reported.

We could see justice but we haven’t yet so don’t count on it.



  1. excellent, it is about time. the democrats have been schemming since trump started running for president. they hate trump because he is not a pay to play president and he dose what he says, and he is not a war president like all the other president. every other president goes to war or starts a false flag in order to scare the people and go off to war and blame another country, just to fill their pockets with money. it is all about the money and power, not about the love for the country or it’s people. may god bless president trump, and may all the evil people that are going after him be stricken from god, amen

  2. Expansion is fine, but indictments are the solution, and those can proceed without an expansion. Until/unless there are indictments, I assume that any other action is merely another stall.

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