Mueller Probe of Trump Based on NO INTELLIGENCE


This is a bombshell report via Rep. Devin Nunes.

During an interview with Rep. Nunes Sunday, Maria Bartiromo asked the California representative if he has seen the electronic communications of the FBI to understand how the investigation into Trump even began.

The electronic communications are the original intelligence used to begin the probe into Trump.

This is really important because foreign counterintelligence is not supposed to be used on American citizens.

What the House Intelligence Committee has now found is there was no intelligence — none.

We have a traditional partnership called Five Eyes with our allies, the U.K., Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and none of the intelligence passed from the Five Eyes, as has been reported.

The investigation started with NO INTELLIGENCE and Rep. Nunes would like to know how this probe started.

The committee is now investigating the State Department. They want to know how the information from George Papadopoulos made it from Australia to the FBI. The State Department appears to be involved. Two Hillary operatives, Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer [her fixer], are involved.

Nunes has found major irregularities in the State Department.

This is very serious stuff. This phony probe was used to spy on an opponent’s campaign. Rep. Nunes noted that Cody Shearer and Sidney Blumenthal, operatives for Hillary Clinton, were pushing this information into the State Department and it was passed on to the FBI.

The Comey memos show there was no obstruction of justice and it took months for Congress to get to see them. Nunes also noted that the DoJ Inspector General will have problems with Comey’s behavior. What he is saying in his book does not agree with his testimony.

Additionally, Mr. McCabe accused Comey of lying when he said he never gave him permission to speak with the press.

Also, four of the seven memos Comey leaked to a professor friend were confidential. He gave those memos to his friend to force a special counsel. Nunes believes Comey leaked to others.

Nunes at first supported the special counsel because he thought Mueller was going to investigate the leaks and close up the case. He no longer supports it.


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