This Is a PROBLEM! Very Important Fight Against Sharia Law Going Down in San Diego Schools


We already reported that CAIR is teaching Islam in the San Diego Unified School District. The school board has also ordered the restorative justice approach (anarcho-communism)*. The problem is heating up among community members who are aware of CAIR’s terror-tied roots.

It’s a fight against Sharia Law being forced into schools on the lie that it is anti-bullying instruction.

The school board leaders are far-left and they are paying CAIR, a terror-tied organization, to teach about ISLAM.

Listen to the community speak in this video. It is EVERY enlightening. As one father leaves, one leftist calls him a bigot for not wanting a terror organization teaching Islam to his children. These parents are intelligent and do not sound like bigots. The board members, on the other hand, are arrogant, dismissive and very far left.

CAIR, an arm of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, is doing this all over the country.

Listen to CAIR propagandist Linda Sarsour sound off because 22 states don’t allow Sharia Law.

For those who don’t know what restorative justice is:

The Anarchist FAQ has a section I.5.8: What about crime?, and Peter Gelderloos’s “Anarchy Works” has a chapter dedicated to crime as well and a chapter dedicated to making and enforcing rules and decisions.

Anarchists believe that first-of-all, in order to greatly diminish anti-social acts, you need to end social alienation, poverty, patriarchy, the prison system; and those forms of structural violence that influence the development of crime. But even after those things are abolished, we know that anti-social activity could remain, and in order to deal with that, we propose a complex network of arbitration.

Simple disputes would easily be resolved by the involved choosing an arbitrer or a council of arbitrers they respect and feel would be impartial, to investigate and chose how to settle that dispute. Larger, ‘criminal’ disputes, would involve community as a whole getting together into a council to discuss the fate of the criminal.

After a person is proven to have commited a crime, they will submit to a restorative justice forum chosen by the arbitrers or councils – in anarchism there are no prisons or “punishment” as we think of it today, only reparations to the victim and rehabilitation and re-education to the criminal. In case the criminal cannot be safely integrated into society (say, they are a psychopathic serial killer) or has commited such a horrible crime that absolutely no one wishes them back at all, they may need to be isolated from society, but rather than being locked away in a prison to rot they would be put in a sort of house arrest that affords some degree of comfort and contact with family.

But what if the criminal refuses the judgment of the arbiter or communal council? Well, the criminal would certainly have a right to call for a re-investigation or call for an appeal, but if the guilt is already established yet they refuse to submit to restorative justice, then they will suffer diffused, graduated sanctions and ostracism from the community until they choose to submit to the restorative justice chosen. If the criminal decides they don’t care about the judgment or ostracism anyway and choose to live as an ‘outlaw’ committing crimes against people and living by theft, the people will have the right to defend themselves with the degree of force necessary to maintain their safety and forcefully expel him from the community.

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