Problem Is Jemele Hill Is ESPN As They Lose 10,000 Subscribers a Day


The White House on Wednesday rebuked ESPN host Jemele Hill after she unleashed a diatribe against the president, calling him a “white supremacist,” with Sarah Huckabee Sanders labeling it a “fireable offense”.

Jemele Hill is ESPN. This is what they believe and how they want to be represented. They want to be the far-left sports and little-entertainment network. People know it and they are leaving them in droves. People on right and left don’t need political rancor when they are trying to just enjoy a game and leave it all behind.

Hill’s original tweet:

Hill apologized to ESPN for stating her opinions publicly but stands by those statements.


The comments raised fresh questions about the increasingly left-leaning culture at ESPN, now facing heavy layoffs and declining ratings. They have had to shed on-air talent, including journalists, writers, announcers, camera staffers, and as of the Spring, they had lost over 10 million subscribers.

ESPN’s crashing revenue coincides with its increasingly leftward political content, a drift so blatant that the network’s ombudsman felt pressured to address the network’s political content.

Last November, ESPN’s Jim Brady presented evidence that even inside its executive boardroom complaints from viewers have resonated that sports cable network ESPN has become far too liberal.

Correction from the editor: they are actually far-left, not liberal.

ESPN is a loser for Disney, shedding 10,000 subscribers a day. With ESPN dragging on the company, Disney’s revenue fell 3 percent, and its profits sank 14 percent, reported.

Supporting athletes kneeling during the anthem has been a big loser for them.

ESPN has continued to embrace social justice stories like Colin Kaepernick’s anthem protest, promoted left-wing hosts, and taken extreme politically correct actions, such as reassigning announcer Robert Lee because of his name.


The network reportedly suspended longtime anchor Linda Cohn after she talked about ESPN’s leftward shift back in April on a local radio show. Ex-reporter Britt McHenry has also recounted similar experiences since leaving the network.

One anchor said sports and entertainment should be just that, leave politics out of it.


With cable losing viewers and competition growing, the network is taking actions that turn off the audience. They seem to be a network with a plan to self-destruct.

Do they think they will entice younger viewers and minorities with increased advocacy politics? How they move forward is a mystery. They’ve paid big bucks to broadcast leagues like the NFL and they are about to fumble.

If you are ready to leave ESPN, click here: HOW TO CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION


The alleged white supremacist Donald Trump was beloved by the black community once upon a time.

They didn’t think he was a bigot until he ran for office.

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