Loon Prof Calls for Whites to Have an IRA, “Individual Reparations Accounts”


Michael Eric Dyson, professor at Georgetown University

Professor Michael Eric Dyson thinks that white people should have an IRA, an “Individual Reparations Account” to make donations to black institutions and individuals, reports CNS News.

This is a proposal he makes in his upcoming book, “Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America.”

Dyson, a loon professor at Georgetown University, rattled off his ideas in an interview in the New York Times Magazine on January 8th.

The interview:

Q. At the end of your sermon, you do a “benediction” section, in which you talk about making reparations on the local and individual level: donating to groups like the United Negro College Fund or a scholarship program, but also, to cite your example from the book, paying “the black person who cuts your grass double what you might ordinarily pay.” That gave me pause!

A. Good! I used to say in church, “If the sermon ain’t making you a little bit uncomfortable, it ain’t effective.” Look, if it doesn’t cost you anything, you’re not really engaging in change; you’re engaging in convenience. You’re engaged in the overflow. I’m asking you to do stuff you wouldn’t ordinarily do. I’m asking you to think more seriously and strategically about why you possess what you possess.

Q. I agree with reparations, but maybe this is my white privilege speaking: I can’t imagine actually doing that.

A.That is what I meant by an I.R.A.: an individual reparations account. You ain’t got to ask the government, you don’t have to ask your local politician — this is what you, an individual, conscientious, “woke” citizen can do.

Q. But charity can’t be the end of it, right? The Koch brothers gave the United Negro College Fund $25 million, but I doubt you would consider them “woke.”

A. No. Martin Luther King Jr. believed that charity is a poor substitute for justice. But I ain’t turning $25 million down.

The interviewer is as looney as he is.


Dyson wants to reach out to “the ocean of white folk” who are “deeply empathetic to the struggles of minorities”.

His book opens with “horror stories” of engagements with police like Obama’s and Holder’s. He should reach out to the “oceans” of rich black folk.

Of course no one who is honest with themselves believes Obama or Holder.

The Washington Post reviewed the book of the prolific pastor and former MSNBC commentator:

Dyson, they wrote seeds “his words with flowery, loving language” but “there is little comradeship in these pages, and if there is love, it is of the toughest kind imaginable”.

Dyson makes clear that he regards much of white America as a pernicious force, the review continues. “We can do nothing to make our tormentors stop their evil,” Dyson laments to the Almighty. “How can we possibly combat the blindness of white men and women who are so deeply invested in their own privilege that they cannot afford to see how much we suffer?”

He likens law enforcement officers to terrorists (“We think of the police who kill us for no good reason as ISIS”) and slave drivers (“The police car is a mobile plantation”)

He’s an anti-police, racist but he’s applauded by the left.

I personally will create an IRA for reparations when the cows come home.




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Terrence Michalski
Terrence Michalski
7 years ago

[edit] Please!

kirk duttera
kirk duttera
7 years ago

Then I guess it stands to reason that blacks also owe whites for 1000 years of “The Moors” crossing the Mediterranean to Europe, and taking white European slaves in the past….. OR aren’t we allowed to talk about that????

victor dougherty
victor dougherty
7 years ago

If you weren’t prejudiced before reading this you probably are now.

Greg Rowe
Greg Rowe
7 years ago

The reparations were 620,000 white people dying to free black slaves! Think about that before you ask for more!