Professor of the Apes


Peter Singer

Peter Singer, professor 

by Tony Stark

There are several things about the grotesque legal/academic travesty described in the essay below titled, Chimps Have a Right To “Bodily Liberty”, that are truly nauseating.

1) That a Pro-Abortion professor teaches at a Catholic University who admires an utterly repellent, Hitlerian personality like Professor Peter Singer. To me, this is akin to being a Holocaust Denier teaching History at Yeshiva University while also being an admirer of the execrable Nazi anti-Semitic pornographer, sadist and war criminal Julius Streicher.

2) That the St. Thomas Law School DEBASES itself by not firing this bigoted fool IMMEDIATELY… which would ALREADY be far too late; HE SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN HIRED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

3) That a State Supreme Court Justice (Barbara Jaffe) is SO STUPID and OBVIOUSLY INCAPABLE OF JUDGEMENT has not been IMMEDIATELY DIS-BARRED. What’s next, a taxpayer funded waste of time to determine if a non-existent Bugs Bunny should be able to sue Looney Tunes for never paying him a salary?

4) That the ethically crippled and perverted immorality involved in CLEARLY elevating the rights of animals over Unborn human beings is just about the most sickening sign of cultural degeneracy I’ve seen in a while… and that’s saying A LOT after almost 8 years of being ruled over by the cultural relativism promulgated by Comrade Barry, his corrupt friends in Washington and his drug addled allies in Hollyweird.

5) Of course the repellent Peter Singer believes that bestiality should be legal because “sex with animals does not always involve cruelty.” After all, how else is he going to get a date on Saturday night?

6) This “school” should lose it accreditation, close up shop and re-open as a petting zoo; Professor Wise can be put in charge of the Pony Rides where he and Peter Singer can find both employment and, perhaps, romance.

7) Despite being strongly Pro-Life, I have to admit, the very existence of creatures such a “Steven Wise” and a “Peter Singer” might make me re-consider whether or not abortion is sometimes justified. I would certainly have a hard time, knowing what I know about them now, arguing that the abortion of these two twisted mutants would have been a totally negative thing.

8) There is no doubt we should treat animals in a humane manner, that they should NOT be maltreated and that anyone who does engage in such animal abuse should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

9) However, these are NOT human beings and they should not be put on a level with human beings… especially in a society that ALREADY sanctions the DISGUSTING, BRUTAL and ALWAYS ULTIMATELY MURDEROUS concept of sub-humanity, as ours does with regard to the Unborn.

10) I think the entire affair indicates that, in the name of full disclosure, Professor Wise should be forced to change his name from “Wise” to “SUBMORON.”


Chimps Have a Right To “Bodily Liberty”
May 28, 2015

Bill Donohue comments on a court hearing yesterday before a New York State judge that considered the rights of chimpanzees:

Steven M. Wise is the president of the Nonhuman Rights Project and he believes that apes should be granted identical rights to most humans. I say most humans because his expansive idea of rights does not extend to unborn children. Whether it extends to unborn apes is not known. He is, of course, a professor.

Wise was taken seriously by State Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jaffe. Too bad she didn’t question him about a comment he once made comparing his son to an ape: “I don’t see a difference between a chimpanzee and my 4 1/2 year-old son.” Having not met his son, I’ll just have to take his word for it.

Wise wants to liberate Hercules and Leo, two chimps, from Stony Brook University; they are being studied there by a researcher. He did not say whether they should be able to matriculate at Stony Brook, or whether they should be allowed to pay in-state tuition. More important, he says the chimps possess “bodily liberty.” Which begs the question: Why doesn’t a child who is living in his mother’s womb possess this right?

Curiously, the rights of the unborn are not mentioned on Wise’s website. But he is quoted elsewhere saying, “There are many reasons to support the argument that a woman should have the legal right to an abortion.”

In Wise’s mind, the Catholic Church is the enemy of human rights. He teaches, by the way, at St. Thomas Law School, a Catholic institution. So who is his champion of human rights? Peter Singer. Singer believes that it should be legal for parents to kill their disabled newborn children. He also believes that bestiality should be legal because “sex with animals does not always involve cruelty.” He is, of course, a professor (at Princeton).

I have some advice for Wise: Keep Singer away from Hercules and Leo.

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  • — …the very existence of creatures such a “Steven Wise” and a “Peter Singer” might make me re-consider whether or not abortion is sometimes justified. —

    I imagine you’re thinking of retroactive abortion. Unfortunately, the “regular” kind wouldn’t catch creeps like these.

  • If they get human status will that subject them to all other human laws? At the zoo, will they form a union and be unionized monkeys so they will have to get medical benefits, a pension, and union wages, so this may be a good thing. Also, they can get married, divorced and get social security. There are many sides to this, not just the obvious…..maybe Obama needs more sign-ons for Obamacare, so once they are “humans” they can sign on to the exchanges. This could open up a whole can of worms with racial profiling. Will Obama say….if I had a son it would look like Chimpanzee X,Y,Z? How would they be screened by the TSA? Do they get drivers’ licenses, SS #s – this is not as simplistic as it appears. Can female monkeys file for discrimination at the zoo, based on gender? If they end up in court, can we no longer call it a “kangaroo” court? We have to be sensitive to this. Heck, maybe they can even run for office some day. They may even be better than whats there now. This fits right in with this Administration’s redefining everything.

  • Although it’s too late for “after birth abortions” for this libtard group, maybe the Obamacare “death panels” will kick in for them.