Professor Resigns Over Attacks But What Mizzou Did Next Was Surprising


Dale Brigham

Dr. Dale Brigham, a beloved professor on the Mizzou campus, resigned following death threats and demands for his firing. Did the cowering administrators at Mizzou finally come out from under their desks and do the right thing?

He wrote:

“If you don’t feel safe coming to class, then don’t come to class,” Dr. Brigham told his students. “I will be there, and there will be an exam administered in our class,” he continued, imploring his students to stand up to the bullies on campus. “If you give into bullies, they win. The only way bullies are defeated is by standing up to them.”

Dr. Brigham was harshly criticized in the left-wing media that’s encouraging these campus terrorists. Salon ran a story with the headline “White Missouri professor shames black students for heeding violent threats.”The Washington Post featured similar coverage of “a white professor” who “challenged his students to come to class.”

Those upset with Dr. Brigham’s decision to hold class took to Twitter calling for Brigham to be fired and calling him “a failure as a human being,” according to Campus Reform.

He then resigned according to the Missourian:

“The exam is cancelled. Our students will be able to take the exam at an alternate date with no loss of points,” Dr. Brigham told students. “No one will have to come to class today. And, I am resigning my position.”

He said he made a mistake and doesn’t want to cause more harm after a person – not a student – made threats to kill black students on YikYak. The 19-year old has been arrested and is being held without bail.

Where the professor made his mistake is in thinking he’s the problem.

Komu announced that a University of Missouri spokesperson said the resignation was not accepted from Professor Brigham.

Maize finally did the right thing.



  1. The Administration had better decide who is running the University. They should have stood with the school president, not allowed him to resign, expel all football players, cancel the football season then go after the agitators and expel every student identified as such. . The blacks are making this a race issue when, in truth, they are the racists.

    • Well stated. Actions mentioned here should have been taken, and they still can take those actions. It is not too late.

    • No more need be said^^^^. The problem with our country is that like in another analogy, ” The inmates are running the jail”. Order needs to be brought back to this university and all people involved in the protests and any other incidents should be at least expelled from the school and blacklisted to any other institute of higher learning. Some may need to be sent to jail. The president and this professor should be reinstated. That’s it.

  2. When are we going to stop bowing down to the Black race? I would have never resigned from my position, I would have stood firm and the Blacks could either accept what is, or they could simply withdrawal and go to another school! The black lives matter is a total joke! If they truly cared about their own race they wouldn’t be killing each other at an alarming rate! Stop allowing them to call the shots, stand up and stand firm! They’re only getting worse by allowing them to get their way, even if it’s wrong, you gave in way too easily! All races matter, not just the black folks!

  3. I feel we are not helping ourselves by bowing down to any of these protesters. They keep using “Black Life’s Matter” , and they don’t really care about them selves. . If they did they would take responsibility for all the kids they have left without father’s?? Left all the mothers to take government money and state money to take care of all them kids. Oh poor them. Shame on them??

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