Professor Says It’s Not Hyperbole, Republicans “Should Be Lined Up and Shot”


An Art Institute of Washington professor recently declared on Facebook that House Republicans “should be lined up and shot” for their passage of an Obamacare-replacement bill.

“They should be lined up and shot. That’s not hyperbole; blood is on their hands,” he wrote.

That’s not hyperbole?

Within minutes, he posted agains and blasted Republican lawmakers as “a f***ing joke,” and GOP voters he said run “the gamut from monstrous to ignorant…”

This came via Campus Reform who reached out to the Art Institute of Washington for comment on Griffin’s claims with no response, not from them or Griffin.

Griffin is a full-time professor in the Media Arts and Animation Department since 2006.

After Campus Reform contacted Griffin for comment, he edited the post to express his contrition for the “language [he] had used,” noting that he has a “pre-existing condition” that “without proper treatment, will eventually kill [him]…”

“…The feeling of helplessness and fear that came from watching Congress’ treatment of Americans in situations like mine, and worse, led to my lashing out on social media in a way that was rash, untoward, and anathema to the way I wish to conduct myself,” he continued. “I regret my words. I regret the fear that stoked them.”

Why? Is he switching insurance companies? He’s a professor and he likely has a great insurance policy. He’s full of it.

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