Professor to Tucker: AG Has to Be Careful How He Describes MS-13, Their Motto Is “Rape, Control, Kill”


Look at this guy

Tucker Carlson had Professor Luis Salinas on his show this evening because the professor wanted to make a really dumb point. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, he feels, must be careful how he describes MS-13. They are not a drug cartel.

Their motto is “rape, control, kill” and the professor admitted they brutally hack up people, but they are not a cartel, he insisted.

We have MS-13 near me thanks to our sanctuary city status and they do deal drugs. I can attest to that.

If they are selling drugs, raping and hacking up people, what shall we call them professor?

He appears to be a lecturer, not a professor, of Mexican-American studies at the University of Houston. He should be careful what he calls himself. A lecturer is not a professor.

Tucker also interviewed the illegal alien who makes a living out of being here illegally. Jose Antonio Vargas has turned people here illegally into victims and citizens into their persecutors. He’s been doing this for the past six years.

At one point, he said, “I’m not from Mars.”

But if he were from Mars, he’d still be living here illegally.

He doesn’t seem to know if he’s a Republican or a Democrat so we’d like to help him out. He’s a far-left, open borders liberal Democrat here illegally.

“I am here illegally talking to you as an undocumented, unauthorized person….but I, as a person, am not illegal.

He always conflates being an illegal person with being here illegally.

By now, he could have applied for residency ten times over but that would ruin his schtick.

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