Professors Form Network of Antifa Chapters on College Campuses to Fight “Fascists”


The violent communist-anarchist Antifa have been beating up, sucker punching, hitting with sticks topped with nails, and throwing urine and Molotov cocktails at right-wing speakers protesters, and police, while causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage. The FBI and DHS informed then-president Barack Obama in April, 2016, that they were engaging in dangerous activities of domestic terrorism.

These violent animalistic communists and anarchists will now have chapters with professors on college campuses. Many of these violent Antifa are professors and teachers.

The Chronicle reports that there is concern on college campuses about so-called far-right speakers, Islamophobes and misrepresentations of professors statements. Therefore, Bill Mullen, an English professor at Purdue University, formed an anti-fascist network.

It went from 40 to 400 members in short order and Mullen invited people to join “from diverse political perspectives…as long as they oppose fascism”. Mullen organized this network with other professors.

The Campus Anti-Fascist Network is bringing together faculty, staff, and students to fight the nonexistent threat of KKK and Neo-Nazis. Actually they are the Nazis and KKK, they even wear hoods. People who silence dissent are by very definition, fascists.

There are about 6,000 KKK and under 2,000 Neo-Nazis in the United States, there are far more leftist revolutionaries on our streets. The only thing shocking about this is how quickly the hard-left has moved to violence.

These chapters are similar to the Students for a Democratic Society under domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

Hopefully Jeff Sessions is working on this.

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