Progressive Beacons! NJ Dem Lawmakers to Levy a Tax on Rain


New Jersey residents and business owners will be taxed for rain runoff if they have long driveways, own parking lots, and so on, the NY Post reported.

Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy will gleefully sign a new bill approved by the New Jersey Senate and Assembly that will be taxing the rain.

The new legislation, inspired by former President Obama’s out of control Environmental Protection Agency, allows the state’s 565 municipalities to set up their own public stormwater utilities which would build and manage sewer systems, according to WLNY-TV.

The utilities will be able to tax properties with a lot of runoff since they have to filter the pollutants.

New Jersey residents knew what they were voting for when they filled out a ballot for him.


He is a Soros far-left Progressive who lives lavishly himself with his $7 million dollar villa.

The Soros guy established a state agency to aid and protect illegal aliens.

Phil Murphy, the former Ambassador to Germany under Barack Obama, has established the Office of Immigrant Defensive Protection to help protect people here illegally.

While the excuse is to fight the much-vilified Donald Trump, it is actually to fight and flout our laws and maintain open borders for future Democrats.

He is the lapdog of George Soros.

The governor wants to make New Jersey “a Progressive Blue Beacon” with all that entails from legalizing weed; raising taxes, especially on millionaires to redistribute the money to the “poor”; raising the minimum wage; and enacting environmental [extremism] climate change regulations.

He is a close friend of potential racist and baby killer Governor Northam.

Murphy speaks regularly with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

The Governor received endorsements from the hard-left U.S. Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and got large donations from billionaire super donors George Soros and Donald Sussman.

This is what it means to be a Progressive. They are only happy when they are taxing people.

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