Progressive Prof Who Cheered Mrs. Bush’s Death Gets Her Comeuppance

The face and body of Progressivism today, Randa Jarrar. Progressives say they are the caring ones.

The tenured Muslim Professor of Fresno State, who said nothing could happen to her for her vile tweets found that something could happen to her. She has made her tweets private but fortunately, the tweets are saved all over the Internet. She not only cheered Barbara Bush’s death, she was joyous to know her husband and family are sad. What kind of person would ever wish that?

In any case, she’s apparently going to be spending a lot more time at home on that couch. She has been placed on leave.

Here they are:

Just think — this is what is teaching our nation’s youth in Fresno State. It seems the university wasn’t all that pleased and, in addition to issuing this statement, Jarrar said she has been put on leave. The comments on the Fresno State’s statment are negative, most demanding she be fired.

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  1. I don’t think her taking a leave had anything to do with this. Another story stated she has been on leave all this semester. One comment did point out the president castro (yes intentional lower caps) statement about “her private belief’s” was bogus because she used her “Professorship” title. I think nothing will happen to her because of her location, the land of fruits and nuts. She is just the “norm”.

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