Progressive School Discipline Added to Failures in Nikolas Cruz’s Case


Eric Holder wanted to stop the so-called school to prison pipeline while he was attorney general. Instead of employing measures to help the troubled youth who commit serious violations of the rules, Holder wanted them simply absolved of responsibility. He believed unfair rules were responsible for the disparity between minority and white imprisonment. It is this form of Progressive discipline that Nikolas Cruz experienced.

Holder believes school discipline is racist and the system is inherently racist. He issued a memorandum that usurped the judgment of educators, informing schools that he expected them to discipline according to race. He threatened them with lawsuits and he demanded decisions be based on disparate impact.

Perhaps this is why Broward County instituted their own solution which might have contributed to the murder of 17 children last week. It is the same progressive system of discipline being employed in liberal cities throughout the nation.


Broward County boasted of going from number 1 in sending students to juvie to having the lowest number of referrals. They lowered arrests by not contacting police when students, especially minorities, committed certain crimes. School shooter Nikolas Cruz is one of the minorities who might have benefitted.

Non-violent misdemeanors were not police problems despite the fact that studies show people who are not stopped when committing lesser crimes often grow worse.

Students who engaged in violence, drug sales, robberies, burglaries, theft and other various crimes were intentionally kept out of the criminal justice system.

Law enforcement were directed to refer the students to administrators for discipline in what they called diversionary programs.

Conservative Treehouse FOIA’d the Miami-Dade School district, a nearby district, and found Trayvon Martin was one of those escaping discipline. Broward followed the same model.


A Miami-Herald source reported Cruz was suspended from Stoneman Douglas High for fighting and also for being caught with bullets in his backpack. Cruz was not allowed on campus with his backpack, likely for this reason. After that, he was expelled. It is not known why. It would be good for someone to investigate this.

Even though Holder’s memorandum has been withdrawn, the left-wing school districts are still following the plan.

Administrators warned teachers in writing against allowing Cruz on the campus with a backpack while continuing to allow him on campus. He was later expelled for reasons that have not been disclosed, but he was apparently not arrested.

He attended the alternative school at the time of the murders.

Students reported that he was violent in Middle School and had kicked in a school window at one point.

In a prior school, he was accused of several violent incidents and was on an educational plan. The school knew he had an obsession with guns. He told staff of his fixation on violence.

“He is fascinated by the use of guns and often speaks of weapons and the importance of ‘having weapons to remain safe in this world,’” school officials noted.

Cruz was making progress until he was transferred to Stoneman Douglas.

He was reportedly disciplined five times at the school before he got a forced transfer in February 2017.

Cruz also displayed bizarre behavior online, including threatening posts on YouTube and Instagram and reportedly cut himself on a Snapchat posts.


There were 39 police reports on Cruz made by his mother since 2011 and he was being followed by social services for mental health reasons. The FBI was given two warnings which they didn’t bother to pursue.  The only ones being blamed are the NRA, Republicans, and the President, which is irrational. It is the politicization of a tragedy. The end-result of this aberrant view will be to come up with all the wrong solutions.

Four agencies and the school district are far more liable. In the end, the killer is the one responsible. Perhaps nothing would have stopped him.

Broward County is number 50 in mental health services. They might be better off increasing services as opposed to keeping criminal youth out of jail with some misguided mandate that removes all accountability and doesn’t keep people safe.

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5 years ago

Several years ago a talk show host proclaimed, the policies of the left are going to get us killed. unfortunately, he wasn’t that far off the mark.