Progressive Seattle Bans Straws, Utensils, Cocktail Picks in Restaurants


Seattle is a far-left hellhole, a beautiful, scenic hellhole.

Statue of Lenin in Communist Seattle.

Seattle police are fleeing the force in a “mass exodus”. The city’s politics is running them out of the job. Underappreciated and left hanging when things get political, the officers are leaving.

Progressives are thinning the herd.

The city is very overtaxed. The fascists even tax sugary drinks.

It’s the home of the fringe people. The residents launch Molotov Cocktails at prisons and officials confiscate guns for trumped up reasons. The homeless are everywhere in Seattle and they are dangerous. Opioids are so bad that they cause more deaths than car crashes and even their mussels are addicted.

Seattle has now jumped the shark

They have banned plastic straws, cocktail picks or utensils in restaurants unless someone specifically requests one. In that case, the customer should be given a compostable option, according to Seattle Public Utilities, beating out cities in California that are considering the same measure.

According to the Seattle Times, flexible plastic straws will be available for customers who need to use them for a medical reason.

This is what statism looks like and this is what the Progressives aka Socialists/Communists want for all of us throughout the nation.

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