Deep State! Sabotage of Trump Is Far Worse Than We Knew


Free Beacon published a bombshell report Wednesday that backs up the Devin Nunes’ revelations about Donald Trump and his campaign team being monitored, information collected, unmasked and widely disseminated.

The Deep State is far more extensive and pervasive with Obama operatives within and without trying to take Donald Trump down and keep his agenda from being enacted, Free Beacon has found.

What Sources Told the Free Beacon

It’s a known fact that Obama’s rule allowing raw data to be spread without filtering from the NSA was meant to facilitate leaks that could not be tracked back to the leaker. According to Free Beacon’s sources,

..senior government officials who previously worked under President Obama and remain loyal to his agenda…leaked negative information about the Trump White House and its senior staff to a network of former Obama administration officials who then planted this information in key media outlets including the Washington Post and New York Times.

At the same time embedded Obama officials are working to undermine the Trump administration’s agenda by altering official communications. They offered an example of the travel ban being modified to use Obama-era lanaguage, such as violent extremism in lieu of radical Islamic extremism. They caught it in time and changed it back.

In another effort resembling the attack on General Michael Flynn, they are seeking to undermine CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Before Flynn left, he asked staff to produce an -\in-house phonebook and it was immediately leaked to the press.

Members of the former administration won’t accept the election results and “have pursued, organized, and managed a comprehensive subversion of the new administration.”

In the last year, the Obama administration allowed staff to accrue substantial vacation time, which ended up costing millions of dollars and prevented Trump from hiring because there wasn’t any money. He was able to hire only 22 on the White House National Security Council while Obama had 420 on staff.

“They put landmines everywhere,” according to one senior administration official.

The same thing is going on outside the White House with former officials including self-confessed liar Ben Rhodes and Biden’s national security adviser Colin Kahl, who are attempting to purge officials they disagree with. The names of the targets won’t surprise you: senior advisers Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, and Sebastian Gorka, and NSC leaders Michael Anton and KT McFarland.

Here’s his tweet. He’s also blasted Rex Tillerson and others at every available turn.

They leak damaging stories fed to them by embeds or they just like. They are currently painting Dr. Gorka as a Nazi.

The Obama minions have a network of journalists they can feed damaging stories to, whether they are true or not, fact-based or not.

Also of interest in the article is the same media that lied about the Iran deal to the American people are the same media now perpetuating the attacks on the administration. It’s the same echo chamber.

What We Already Learned and Forgot About the Media

In an interview last May with the New York Times published in the Sunday magazine, Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser and brother to the president of CBS News, mocked journalists and the stupid American people who fall for his carefully orchestrated lies.

Rhodes knew the American people would never buy into the Iran nuclear deal if they had the facts about Obama dealing with the hard-liners in Iran so he lied.

Rhodes and other Obama minions conferenced daily to come up with the deceitful soundbites. They employed digital response and rapid-responses to any opposition. They studied the audiences and the “right-wing Congress.”

There is a great deal of corroborating information for the claims in the article. For example, we know that Soros is linked to 30 major news organizations and TV outlets.

Other examples come from Wikileaks. Whatever people think of Julian Assange, his leak of Clinton and Podesta emails showed us the corruption in the Democrat Party that has moved to the hard-left.

In Email 10547, for example, it stated that the Progressives will create a robust media echo chamber.

They “seek a permanent Progressive infrastructure” that will break “through the clutter of the modern media environment with a Progressive message which requires repetition of common themes from different sources organized by a central apparatus–that is the organizing task of Progressive Media.”

Another release, a letter from Erica Payne of the Tesscrat Group invites John Podesta to an important strategic retreat and the purpose should terrify you.

“…As you know,” the letter reads, “we are poised to advance a progressive agenda at every level of government.”

The meeting which was hosted by George Soros-Tom Steyer’s Democracy Alliance states that they will focus on “how these strategic capacities will lay the groundwork for a permanent progressive majority for year’s to come..”

Bill O’Reilly, who has pointed out that there is a serious Marxist revolution taking place in this country, said prior to the election that three news organizations let their staff know that if they support Trump, they are done.  You can hear it at the beginning of the clip.

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