Progressives Are Realizing the Dream – Limitless Executive Power



King Obama?

The political actions that have taken place over this past week are enormous. They will reshape the fundamental structure of our Republic. It will bring Progressive Democrats closer to realizing their dream of almost limitless executive power.

What is happening right now, before our eyes, is that the president, with the help of his minions in the Senate, is seizing power from Congress for the Executive Branch.

An overly powerful Executive can operate lawlessly, without restraint. The purpose of Congress is to provide checks and balances.

The Senate gave Mr. Obama almost limitless power to appoint anyone he wants to the courts when they invoked the nuclear option and assigned that power to him with only 51 votes.

They employed the nuclear option only for judicial nominees so far but they will likely use it for Supreme Court justice nominees and for legislation, at a future date. There is nothing to stop them.

They can fill the courts with leftists – Progressives.

Mr. Obama has repeatedly altered Obamacare, which he himself describes as the Law of the Land. He has not once gone back to Congress, as required under the healthcare law and under our Constitution.

Yesterday, Mr. Obama issued another lawless, illegal decree which changes the Obamacare law.

He is delaying the health insurance plan signups for next year to November 15 from October 15. The payments won’t come due in December – they have been extended to January. A one month delay brings it to immediately after the election. There is no other purpose to this move but to trick Americans into voting Democratic without knowing what awaits them in 2015. Obamacare is a law that was passed with chicanery, congressional maneuvers and bribes and it continues to be manipulated.

If the premiums were going to be good, or even acceptable, Progressives wouldn’t need to delay them one month until after the 2014 mid-term elections.

Thanks to the powers granted to Mr. Obama by the Senate, the shaping of the IPAB, the Independent Payment Advisory Board for Medicare, is now, solely the province of the king, I mean the president.

IPAB will determine what healthcare seniors receive and IPAB will ration care.

Obama, with his new powers, can put the most radical people on the board. He can put eugenicists on if he chooses. He can put an Ezekiel Emanuel on the board. Ezekiel, if you remember, wants most care directed at people ages 15 to 40 years because of their usefulness to society. There are no moral guidelines for Ezekiel, there are age guidelines.

The IPAB, or the Death Panel, will be comprised of 15 political appointees who will decide the payments to be made to doctors and hospitals for Medicare patients.

Democrats wrote into the Obamacare law that 60 votes was a critical threshold in the Senate but now they are dispensing it.

IPAB is completely unaccountable.

Another lie by Mr. Obama is that IPAB can’t ration care. IPAB can cut anything it wants as much as it wants. It is unregulated by Congress. There is no oversight. It can pass any rules it wants concerning Obamacare, in other words, it can legislate, and Congress can’t stop them.

IPAB is a government within a government and judging from Mr. Obama’s behavior so far, it will be lawless.

Listen to a constitutional lawyer, Elizabeth Price Foley of Florida International University, College of Law, explain:


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