Progressives [Socialists] in DC Approve Voting Age of 16!


Democrats know that youth are very easily influenced and they are idealistic. As a result, youth are ripe for brainwashing through propaganda. Combine that with the fact that there is a lot more leftist propaganda in the schools than fact, and you have a movement to lower the voting age to 16. For that reason, Democrats in D.C. who sit on the City Council have approved a voting age of 16.

Then they should let them drink, own a gun, and drive as well. Democrats are notorious for giving rights that they think will help them — only.

There are roughly 10,400 16 and 17-year-olds residing in D.C. according to the D.C. Office of Planning estimates, WUSA9 reported.

The vote was passed 3-0.

The bill will now be placed on the agenda of the Nov. 13 City Council Legislative Meeting, where it will be voted on by the full council.

Vote16DC, a coalition of youth, adult allies, and organizations that support granting voting rights to 16- and 17-year-olds in the District, has spent months leading up to this committee vote mobilizing community support and educating Councilmembers on the merits of lowering DC’s voting age to 16.

“I’m really glad to see that the committee voted for this bill,” said Chloe Ifill, a Vote16DC Youth Leader and 16-year-old Ward 7 resident who attends Woodrow Wilson High School. “We’ve worked hard to get the word out by talking to other youth and meeting with Councilmembers, and it’s great to see that our voice is being heard and valued.”

As you might have guessed. This is a far-left organization, supported by Progressives of DC for Democracy [socialism] in a district with the worst possible schools.

The 2018 projected graduation rates indicated that 42 percent of students in D.C.’s public schools would graduate in June. They will be so easily INFLUENCED BY THE LEFTISTS.

The bill will soon head to Congress. This is what Democrats want — full control. They can get it by corrupting the vote.

Just say no!



  1. They will use any tactic to maximize their insatiable desire to control, they have complete control over the education system which is hardcore socialism, plus you have students who cannot think logically and can barely read.

  2. I was 22 when they lowered the voting age to 18. In just the four years between being 18 and 22 I realized how unprepared an 18 year old is to be able to comprehend what life has in store for them, or what the social, and political issues are. To think that a 16 year old has the maturity to vote in a mature manner is ridiculous.

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