Progressives Want to Ban Barbecue Smells, Air Conditioners, And So Much More


no more BBQ

Up is down, night is day, and Americans won’t control their air conditioners or barbecues if the Progressives have their way.

According to Wounded American Warrior, a Pinellas County Florida man is being harassed because of his barbecue smoke. This video will frustrate you. I personally wanted to wring the bureaucrat’s neck.

There is no area of our lives the leftists won’t invade.

The website also reported the case of The Oviedo family who received a notice of violation for having four cars in the driveway. The family has relatives visiting and two kids home from college.

They got a visit Friday from code enforcement, acting on an anonymous complaint. The neighborhood is zoned an Open Space Community. A recent rule changed, and enacted a limit of two cars parked in the drive.

Next summer, they will have to pay for a permit to park cars in their driveway.


The city council in Austin, Tex. took up “the smell of barbecue and a proposal to control it,” the New York Times reported in April, “in response to some citizen complaints.”

They plan to order the restaurants to control the odors because it is a “public nuisance.”

Austin is known for its barbecue restaurants and food trucks. Most would close, perhaps all.

“A public nuisance is an activity that threatens the public health, safety or welfare, or does damage to community resources.” The city of Austin wants to take a handful of citizen complaints and make them into a public health hazard.

We won’t ban illegal immigration but we will ban the aromas from restaurant barbecues.

The EPA has commissioned a study to investigate the issuances of backyard barbecues. The grant is to conduct research and develop technology to reduce the fine particulate emissions from residential barbecues because it’s creating a health crisis.

It’s always a crisis.

Reason magazine reported that Irwindale, California officials tried to force the city’s best known employer to leave because of complaints about the smell of hot peppers as a public nuisance.

A few years back, a D.C. burger restaurant was sued because of wafting burger odors, according to Reason.

A couple years ago, a professor wanted to ban air conditioning, Campus Reform reported.

NYU sociology professor Eric Klinenberg proposed a rule that would make it illegal for businesses to set their thermostats below 70 degrees. Illegal! He wants to criminalize air conditioning use.

He wrote a book claiming our culture of consumption during climate change is “indefensible.”

“Let’s put our air conditioners on ice before it’s too late,” he concluded.

Noise is also subject to unreasonable regulation. Reheboth Beach residents don’t like summer noise and want to ban renters of vacation homes from using the pools – too noisy.

Oklahoma wanted to ban hoodies and communist mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio wants to ban smoking in one’s own home.

If you haven’t heard about the EPA’s move to ban wood stoves, beach barbecues and fireplaces, read about that on this link.

California governor Moonbeam Brown removed the words “husband” and “wife” from the state’s marriage laws.

That’s insane. All of this is insane but it doesn’t matter how insane these people get, there’s too little pushback.

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7 years ago

The communists promised to “bury us without firing a shot.” Senator McCarthy was right. I suggest you read the 45 defined goals of a communist takeover of the United States. Numerous American institutions have been under communist control, and for quite some time. Motion pictures, media, education. Promoting homosexuality and deviancy as “normal, healthy, and a CIVIL RIGHT” was planned since the 60’s.
The takeover requires weakening America’s society. What makes a strong society? STRONG FAMILIES with a mother and father. Diminishing the value of strong mothers and fathers is important to the communists as it makes for a weaker society. Climate change is an important lie the communist liberals promote. Instead of understanding that humanity ADAPTS, they want to lower our quality of life. Taking away barbecues and air conditioners is insanely ridiculous. The biggest problem now is that too many Americans allow the few to dictate to them. Americans have been asleep and you are now beginning to witness people waking up.

Jan Williams
Jan Williams
7 years ago

This for sure : Never live in a gated community or within an area that is over seen by a homeowners association ! And I guess that includes an “open space community”, whatever that means. If it was me, it would take some restraining to not serve up barbecued house !

7 years ago

They will never stop! They never do! If you do not comply, you will die, or be fine into destitution!
We do not stand together, and they get us one by one! Anyone who stands up will be branded with the latest pc buzz word to discredit their argument , and give the “authorities ” the credibility of theirs! Logic , science, and your God given rights not even in the equation !

“Do as I say, not as I do!” Should be our new national motto!

john smith
john smith
7 years ago

The world has gone insane! There will be no BBQ for you….

Molly Pitcher
Molly Pitcher
7 years ago

Small Error.
The video of Scotty Jordan and the joys of government regulation are out of Pinellas County, FL.
There is no Cobb County, Florida.