Project Veritas Captures What Far-Left Kyrsten Sinema Really Believes


Arizona senatorial candidate Kyrsten Sinema is lying to her constituents about how progressive she is. She is very pro-choice and wants to ban guns — jokes snidely that Arizonans will shoot you. Kyrsten wants to ban assault rifles and put far more restrictions on guns, but “can’t talk about it” to the public or she won’t get elected.

She’s gotta say what she’s gotta say to win. Sinema has one goal in mind — “to win”. Kyrsten can’t do anything stupid.

She can’t show people how progressive she is or the Arizona Rep. won’t capture moderate voters.

Arizona is a very important state. They want to turn the state blue.

Sinema has to be low-key about her far-left views to get elected, her staff says. She voted more moderately in the House because those are two-year terms, says one worker, but when there is a six-year term, she can slowly move left and have a good chance at getting re-elected. It’s an incremental move to the far-left.

About immigration, she said she wants to give citizenship to every person in this country.

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