Project Veritas PT 4! CNN Exec Is “Creepy,” CNN Appears to Cover It Up


The new Project Veritas undercover video Part 4 exposes possible sexual misconduct by a CNN executive and potential cover-up by CNN senior management.

Steve Brusk is the CNN Politics Supervising Producer and White House Unit Supervising Producer/Coverage Manager and he is apparently very “creepy” around women. ‘The Lead with Jake Tapper’ Senior Producer Rick Saleeby said of Brusk, “…he would like make advances if there was a social gathering and they were drunk… Put his arms around them, try and touch their leg. Try and build up emails to the level where he would get flirty and inappropriate.”

Saleeby states that he found out later that there had allegedly been prior accusations against Brusk: “Because she was drunk. He had his arm around her. And in the setting like any other time ever, they barely speak…But he was like, trying to like, touch her thigh…He had already been accused of the things prior…Which I found out…Which I found out later.”

Brusk might be finding ‘jobs’ for the women he seduces.

“People Have Gotten Away With a Lot” at CNN, Suggests Staffer

Rick Saleeby admits: “I’ll tell you this, in the climate that’s going now, he definitely would have been fired…The whole “Me-Too” movement. People are afraid to do sht…I mean he has been at CNN for like twenty years…People have gotten away with a lot of sht.”

When Project Veritas called Jeff Zucker’s office at CNN, he was told, “We don’t have any comment, thanks for calling.”

Full Video:

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