Prominent Players Are Trying to Take Down Exxon Mobil


The war on fossil fuels includes a massive attack on Exxon Mobil, the giant in the industry. The left is pretending Exxon knew global warming was real and ignored it in their activities.

Eric Schneiderman
Eric Schneiderman

The New York state attorney general Eric Schneiderman has launched an investigation into whether ExxonMobil misled investors and the public about its use of climate science in business activities.

It has nothing to do with justice, it’s purely political. That’s how corrupt our government has become.

Schneiderman is invoking the Martin Act — a unique statute that gives the Empire State authority to police alleged financial crimes — and his state’s strong consumer protection law, according to his office. Schneiderman is also leading a coalition of states supporting EPA’s climate regulations for power plants.

Inside Climate News and the LA Times came up with a fraudulent scandal that is taking internal research on climate science and trying to use it against them. They’re taking it apart piecemeal and using whatever supports their argument.

Hillary Clinton also called for a Federal investigation of Exxon Mobil, claiming falsely that they knew about climate change and hid it from the public. She would say anything, do anything to win the presidency.

It would be similar to the lawsuit against the tobacco industry.

It’s all part of the destruction of the fossil fuel industry.

Another has joined in. Rep. Ted Lieu of California’s 33rd district.

He tweeted Monday: U.S. SEC should investigate if ExxonMobil violated the law by denying climate science @insideclimate #ActOnClimate

These leftists want to imprison people for their free speech.

Inside Climate News which hopes to end fracking and all fossil fuel development and the left-wing Los Angeles Times are claiming ExxonMobil knew as far back as 1977 that its product was contributing to climate change, yet instead of acknowledging this, it gave millions of dollars to politicians and groups that deny climate science, and downplayed the scientific certainty.

In actuality, Exxon’s board had studied the science of global warming and concluded it was too murky to warrant action. The company’s “examination of the issue supports the conclusions that the facts today and the projection of future effects are very unclear.”

The left has read internal research documents claiming Exxon hid what they knew about climate change but anyone of reasonable intent reading the documents would conclude the opposite.  Watts Up With That has a good article on that very thing.

Inside Climate News cherry-picked statements that were taken out of context, and Exxon knew nothing of the sort.

This Is The Link To The Inside Climate News Documents.

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