Promise Zones: Obama’s Marxist War on Poverty


Who wouldn’t want to help the poor? It’s a cause we can all agree is honorable and necessary. Unfortunately, it is now an excuse by Mr. Obama to grow government and redistribute wealth. It will be all under the guise of a new program with the euphemistic name ‘promise zones.’

Mr. Obama is exploiting the poor to transfer tax dollars and grow government. It is not that the ideas aren’t good, it’s the fact that he is making it about growing government when he could easily have encouraged private investments instead. He won’t do that because he is an anti-capitalist.

We have spent $16 trillion dollars to defeat poverty since President Johnson first announced the war on poverty fifty years ago Wednesday, but we have only reduced the poverty level by a few percentage points.

Under Mr. Obama, the average income has continually declined from $55,958 in January 2009 to $52,163 in November 2012. He has relied almost completely on government intervention and expansion and it has not worked. Our economic recovery is barely negligible and jobs have not kept up with the growth of the workforce.


The entire country needs help but Mr. Obama has instead – unilaterally – picked five ‘promise zones’  in which to combat poverty. He is again picking winners and losers.

Those zones will be given tax breaks and government aid. The zones are LA, San Antonio, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Philadelphia, and South Eastern Kentucky.

His plan to end poverty is anti-capital, anti-job creation and reliant on government expansion. Mr. Obama’s plan does not include a plan for private capital, it relies on government growth. There is plenty of private capital available. Private investors could be enticed into investing in these areas but Mr. Obama only believes in government investments.

Under this new plan, Mr. Obama would use taxpayer money to provide tax incentives, housing assistance and government grants (also taxpayer money). He will invest $750 million, $350 million to go into education and $400 million into housing.

In today’s speech, in which he explained the program, Mr. Obama referenced his desire to replay his retrogressive policies of raising the minimum wage, mandating a living wage, and extending unemployment. All of these issues are part and parcel of the platform he plans to use to distract from Obamacare and help him keep the Senate.

Mr. Obama has ignored low income people throughout his presidency and today’s speech was more of a photo-op and a chance to accelerate his political platform rather than fixing the problem of income inequality which is  a creation of his own making.

Marco Rubio said Mr. Obama’s ideas are ‘tired’ and ‘stale’ Thursday on CNN’s New Day.

‘The president’s focused on income inequality, the difference between the rich and the poor and the gap that’s grown, and that’s the wrong focus. It doesn’t give you a complete picture,’ Senator Rubio said.

Instead, Rubio says ‘opportunity inequality’ needs to be the focus of reform and proposes control of anti-poverty programs should be handed to the states as the current government programs do not help people emerge from poverty.

‘I do not believe, in fact, I know that Washington and its one-size-fits-all approach is not conducive to finding the kind of innovative solutions it will take’.

Mr. Obama is going to make another failed investment with taxpayer money. The outcome is predictable but it will launch his campaign to keep the senate by emphasizing income inequality and de-emphasizing Obamacare. People aren’t saying it, but his platform is Marxist.




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