Sick! Leftists Destroyed Cambridge Analytica for Political Reasons


Everyone had access to our data on Facebook! Why go after Analytica? Oh, right, they were helping the right!

The media, the Democrats, and other angry people attacked Cambridge Analytica after they discovered Facebook gave them access to [conservative mostly] email lists. The firm then used it to send political info. They became the fall guys for an alleged plot by the right to influence the presidential election.

The media concentrated on this one company since they were right-wing politically even though President Obama was getting email lists right and left in 2016.

The leftists and Democrats in Congress pummeled Cambridge Analytica so severely that they went out of business. A real coup for the left, especially since the company did nothing wrong by harvesting the data.

The goal was to silence the right, nothing more. They singled out the right-wing company when the left was mostly benefitting from the practice.

We now find out all the tech giants had unqualified access to our data through a carve-out [FB denies it]. FB gave it to device-makers. In July, we were told FB gave 61 companies access to our data, but it wasn’t true, at least 150 companies had access. There are reports out that that number is up to 500.

The Chinese have our data! That saves them from having to hack us!

FB also admits to a security breach of over 50 million users. After that, the owner of this blog had her identity stolen.

The right has been leaving FB for a while, but now the left is departing.

MSNBC host Kasie Hunt announced Wednesday that she would be deleting her Facebook account, citing privacy concerns.

“I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time as story after story has been written about how the people who own this platform use the information we voluntarily give them in the pursuit of maintaining friendships and connections,” she wrote on her account.

The privacy assault on FB has become another one of those lefty witch hunts. For some reason, they are angry with FB. They weren’t happy with the head of Cambridge Analytica. They want FB’s head or, more likely, they want to regulate all social media, so they own it. We were going to drop FB for their censorship of the right, Jews, and religious people.

Perhaps they need some oversight and regulation, an idea I abhor.

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