Proof! Twitter Hides Content of People They Disagree With


Scott Adams, who draws the Dilbert cartoon, has provided proof that Twitter does conceal the tweets of people they disagree with.

One way they do it is to trick you into thinking a tweet is unavailable when it’s not. Dilbert creator Scott Adams uncovered the perception.

You will see messages that say the “tweet is unavailable” but if you click the “unavailable” tweet, you will find the tweet is available.

He gives examples like the following. The tweet is still there if you click where it says, “unavailable”.

It happened to this person also.

This is the tweet that Twitter was hiding.

The Sentinel experienced the same thing.

For example, look at this tweet.

If you click on the “unavailable” tweet, you will get his.

Scott Adams said it happens commonly to him and I too have experienced it more frequently, are you? He also says we’re tied to social media mind control like a great hive mind.

As Dilbert said, the tech giants, the great hive controllers, let the drones know what they are allowed to see and in that way, they determine what you will think.

Adams wrote towards the end, “Look over there, it’s Hitler”.

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