Propaganda Continues – Every US High School in America Will Get a Copy of “Selma”


Paramount Studios, a corporation that has received taxpayer gifts, is sending a free DVD of Selma with study guides to every high school in America – public and private. It’s part of the “Selma for Students” initiative.

We won’t be seeing any initiatives for soldiers, eminent Republicans or Christian heroes any time soon. Don’t get me wrong, MLK Jr. was a man to admire but this film is not a film to admire.

Director Ava DuVernay made the announcement at a United Nations event on Thursday night where U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power was present.

This is really a way to force high school students to watch the propagandized film.

The movie bombed and was purely a propaganda film on the Voting Rights Act. It was also meant to embed the 1965 civil rights movement into present day society. They want to divide us along racial lines in other words.

The movie also focuses on police brutality which is the faux issue of the day. Mr. Obama wants to nationalize all the police departments in the nation and he is creating a crisis in race relations to justify a complete transformation of law enforcement.

The movie only deals with a very narrow time period of Martin Luther King Jr’s life and that was done for a reason, but it wasn’t to do MLK Jr. justice.

Far-left Hollywood is now infiltrating public education.