Propaganda, Thy Name Is Time Magazine or Fareed Zakaria, Whichever


Fareed Zakaria, of CNN fame spouts his liberal views with a phony pretense of neutrality in his latest TIME magazine article. It is a good example of the brutality conservatives will have to face before the upcoming election. His phony pretense of neutrality bothers me the most.

Fareed rants that conservatives once complained about wooly-headed liberal Professors but are now themselves abstract wooly-heads not based in reality. Oh, and what a shame, he insincerely laments (yeah, right, as he damns with faint praise). He makes some good points, but the article is simply a hit piece with the usual approach of making a point by demonizing the opponent.

He even goes so far as to compliment past conservative accomplishments while lacerating Nixon as one gone wrong (Nixon was no conservative by the way). Fareed writes from both sides of his mouth as he says that old time conservatives were accomplished and realistic but Nixon is an old time conservative who messed up royally. Fareed puts all Republicans into the conservative boat – rather ignorant of him really.

His article is a ruse to make himself look neutral. I am sure of one thing – he never admired the successes of conservatives and the GOP. I’d rather people spoke plain. He is clearer when he says conservatives are like old time Marxists. With this one comment, Fareed falsely associates conservatives with Marxism without actually saying they are Marxists. Fareed, a crafty spinner of false metaphors, wants to pin the extremist label on his conservative opponents.

Here is a choice tidbit from his article: – “…Conservatives now espouse ideas drawn from abstract principles with little regard to the realities of America’s present or past…We need more market mechanisms to cut medical costs*, but Republicans don’t bother to study existing health care systems anywhere else in the world.** They resemble the old Marxists, who refused to look around at actual experience. “I know it works in practice,” the old saw goes, “but does it work in theory?” *** Read here if you really like to hear Fareed’s insane metaphors: Fareed Zakaria thinks conservatives are old Marxists, not rooted in reality

*What does Fareed present as evidence and specifically what does he mean – it doesn’t matter because it’s all about the propaganda

**His evidence for this is??? I couldn’t find any evidence.

***In other words, he subtly says conservatives are sheep or wooly-heads.

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