Proposed Cali Bill Jails People Up to a Year for Using the Wrong Transgender Pronoun


A new bill being considered by the California legislature is the type of legislation you would see in Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany.

Bill SB219, introduced by state senator Scott Wiener, will put a person in jail for a year if they “willfully” and “repeatedly” refuse to use a transgender’s resident’s preferred name or pronouns” in a public health, housing, or retirement institution”.

The bill requires health facilities to allow transgenders to reside in rooms that comport with what they say their gender is. They can use whatever bathroom they choose and have their own dress code. This is regardless of the feelings of the other residents.

Obviously, the supporters of this bill do not believe in the Constitution and the First Amendment.

California is using the Transgender cause as part of the “Resistance” to the lawfully-elected President.

There are endless victim groups and there is no end to the identity politics tearing the country apart.

The enemy are white people, white Republicans. All white Republicans will be called white supremacists so the left can fulfill their agenda. It’s a way to silence the right. If you criticize this bill, you will be called anti-Transgender.

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