Proposed New York Gun Law Violates Five Constitutional Amendments


One of the downsides of leftists controlling social media is they can use your social media history to violate your human rights. In the case of New York, they are planning a gun law that allows law enforcement to peruse your social media history going back three years to subjectively decide if they think you are fit to exercise your Second Amendment right to own firearms.

We know that Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube do conspire together against the right-wing and this is another example of how they can use their power to cooperate with law enforcement.


According to ABC Action News, legislation drafted by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and State Senator Kevin Parker, both Democrats, allows up to three years’ worth of search history on social media to be reviewed in consideration for a gun license.

A person applying for a gun permit will have to give their password to the officials who will then violate the person’s privacy.

Senate Bill 9191 states: “…social media and search engine reviews prior to the approval of an application or renewal of a license to carry or possess a pistol or revolver; requires a person applying for a license to carry or possess a pistol or revolver or a renewal of such license to consent to having his or her social media accounts and search engine history reviewed and investigated for certain posts and/or searches over a period of 1-3 years prior to the approval of such application or renewal; defines terms.”

Under the proposed legislation, law enforcement officials could investigate your words and the thoughts behind them: “…commonly known profane slurs used or biased language used to describe race, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation; threatening health or safety of another person, or an act of terrorism.”

The left will do anything to violate legal gun owners rights while protecting the rights of criminals.

Kevin Parker

The bill violates the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendments and there is no empirical evidence to support this law.

Who gets to make these decisions and what are the criteria? Don’t expect any. It’s a precursor to what China does by appointing social behavior credits to people before they are permitted to exercise rights or enjoy luxuries.




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4 years ago

“…his or her social media accounts and search engine history reviewed and investigated…
I don’t use social media and my search engine is Duck Duck go, so… ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ. But it’s not going to go well for you. Not at all.

John Vieira
4 years ago

If you were unsure before…NOW you know…welcome to life under Josef, Mao, Adolf etc., “and” you HAVE a conservative President whom the “enemies of the people” – the fake mainstream media – colluded with the far left, progressive liberals to ‘hamstring” and halt the ‘real progress’ so that the country can “regress” to high unemployment and food stamps…staples of the “Democrat Plantation”…