Prosecution of Officer Darren Wilson Begins As a Persecution


Acting like one of the protesters instead of a law enforcement officer, Eric Holder will lead the hordes of protesters and rioters in Ferguson while Governor Nixon has basically told the Grand Jury to indict Officer Wilson.

It’s all so politically convenient with the elections coming up.

Governor Nixon claimed the police “besmirched” Brown by releasing the footage of Brown engaged in a strong arm robbery of a convenience store about fifteen minutes before Brown was shot. The robbery might be connected to the shooting. It’s impossible to know because the DOJ is hiding the facts in the case.

The obvious fact is that Brown besmirched himself and police had a FOIA request to release the video of the robbery.

Nixon also quite clearly interfered in the Grand Jury process. They will convene today and this is what he said on the eve of the decision to charge or not charge Officer Darren Wilson with murder.

Speaking to the media, Nixon spoke first of the need to protect the people of Ferguson and he offered up sympathy for the Brown family who are mourning their son, but then he said this:

“… a vigorous prosecution must now be pursued.”

“The democratically elected St. Louis County prosecutor and the Attorney General of the United States, each have a job to do. Their obligation to achieve justice in the shooting death of Michael Brown must be carried out thoroughly, promptly, and correctly; and I call upon them to meet those expectations.”

“Finally, once we have achieved peace in Ferguson and justice for the family of Michael Brown, we must remain committed to rebuilding the trust that has been lost, mending what has been broken, and healing the wounds we have endured.”

He has already convicted Officer Wilson.

It is sad that Michael Brown was killed at only 18 years of age and it is particularly sad for his family, but how far does the DOJ plan to go to get “justice” and will it be “justice”?

Eric Holder’s message to the community is that they should keep doing what you’re doing, but he’d rather they not engage in violence.

Holder, the top law enforcement officer in the nation, defined the motives for the protests and riots for them because he wants this to continue.

“At the core of these demonstrations is a demand for answers about the circumstances of this young man’s death and a broader concern about the state of our criminal justice system,” Holder declared.

Holder can use this case to make the criminal justice system into his vision – more hug-a-thug than imprisonment and punishment for law breakers if they’re Black because, rightly or wrongly, he sees the system as unjust towards Blacks.

The administration will not sit back in this case as they did in the Trayvon Martin case. They want a conviction.

Holder is not on the side of police, he’s against them. Look at who he’s meeting with and look at the emphasis on the civil rights aspect.

“Today, I will be in Ferguson to be briefed on the federal civil rights investigation… I will meet personally with community leaders, FBI investigators and federal prosecutors from the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division and the U.S. Attorney’s Office to receive detailed briefings on the status of this case,” Holder said.

Holder has put 40 agents on this case and his favorite civil rights prosecutors are on it. It isn’t an investigation, it’s a witch hunt from an AG who has already attempted to stifle evidence – the video.

Holder is promoting the protests while claiming he wants the violence to stop though never once sounding like a law enforcement agent.

He will find out exactly what happened, he says, which is impossible unless someone taped it. Would such a video even be allowed to see the light of day?

Instead of stating emphatically that he will arrest and punish violence and looting, he said this: “But violence cannot be condoned. I urge the citizens of Ferguson who have been peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights to join with law enforcement in condemning the actions of looters, vandals and others seeking to inflame tensions and sow discord.”

On tip-toes, Holder dances around the crimes taking place and makes it a case against the police.

He drew equivalence between what he believes to be harsh police action and the actions of looters, shooters, and knockout criminals. The police arresting reporters is certainly equivalent to criminals trying to shoot down police helicopters in his mind.

He also wants a Black police force in Ferguson and it will happen ‘no matter what’ – Affirmative Action is a fait d’accompli. “Police forces should reflect the diversity of the communities they serve,” he stated.

The town of Ferguson went from 90% White twenty years ago to 70% Black today and the police force didn’t change with it.

The problem, according to Holder, isn’t the behavior of the criminals – Dorian Johnson has yet to be arrested – it’s law enforcement for not building trust, “…good law enforcement requires forging bonds of trust between the police and the public. This trust is all-important, but it is also fragile.”

Trust is important and I’d like to know how Holder intends to engender trust among the rest of us who aren’t protesting and looting.

No one in the public right now has any idea of how guilty Officer Darren Wilson is, but my fear is we will never know the truth and justice will not prevail. With Holder at the helm, it’s unlikely. He’s a biased race baiter.

We can’t try the case in the media. We don’t have enough facts though we do know that the witnesses who say Brown was shot running away didn’t see what they thought they saw. All of the bullets hit Brown in the front. Wilson was injured as he said and he does have a fractured eye socket.

One witness, a Piaget Crenshaw said that the initial bullets didn’t hit Brown as he was running away and the majority of the bullets were fired when he turned towards the officer. You can decide how logical that is.

The witness certainly appears to believe it. She could be right, she could be wrong. If she’s right, of course the officer has to be called to account. He just can’t be persecuted.

In the video, the witness is interpreting the officer’s thoughts. Are we going to be thought police now? She also says she couldn’t really see it but thought Brown was being pulled into the police vehicle.

Back in Chicago 7 killed, 29 wounded in Chicago over the weekend. Black on Black crime is the most serious problem for Blacks. Knockout attacks, carried out almost exclusively by Blacks against Whites, continue and no one really cares.

Holder’s reaction to the throngs of criminals invading Ferguson is far too muted.

The hate group, The New Black Panthers who preach hate towards Whites and Jews and advocates killing them, is directing traffic; the Bloods are marching in gang gear; the Nathan of Islam, an anti-police, anti-White, anti-Jew hate group, is rallying the crowds; and The pro-Hamas Organization for Black Struggle is inciting riots.

The Organization for Black Struggle Freedom Agenda states, “We will fight to advance beyond capitalism, which has demonstrated its structural incapacity to address basic human needs worldwide and, in particular, the needs of Black people… We will fight for a society in which every person and every community is free from state repression, including freedom from state-sponsored surveillance. We seek amnesty for, and the release of, all political prisoners… We recognize lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people as full and equal members of society, and of our communities… We will fight for reparations… We will uphold the right of the African American people to self-determination (Black Radical Congress in June 1998)… We oppose the Human Genome Project in its current form and with its current leadership, and we oppose all sociobiological or genetic experiments that are spurred by, and help perpetuate, scientific racism .”

They’re crazy. Holder is crazy. This prosecution or persecution will also be crazy. We have to pray that the people on the jury will be fair and that they will seek justice not revenge.


The cynic in me says Holder and Obama want a race war. They want to divide us along racial lines in time for the election. These so-called leaders don’t give a damn about Michael Brown. This is quite something else.

St. Louis Dispatch (stl) for Holder’s complete message to the community.

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