Prosecutors Push to Confiscate Parents’ Guns If Child Gets in Trouble


The latest out of Commiefornia concerns possible unconstitutional gun confiscation. Prosecutors are pushing for guns to be confiscated from parents who own them legally if their minors are red-flagged. And they want to red-flag minors.

The radically far-far-left state wants to red-flag all juveniles who get in trouble, thus putting parents’ gun rights in jeapardy.

The state’s “Red Flag” laws allow judges to issue an Extreme Risk Protection Order [ERPO] against any legal adult gun owner who allegedly poses a risk to himself/herself or others.

Local authorities and family members can request gun rights be taken away under red-flag laws.


Prosecutor Kimberly Wyatt of King County’s Regional Domestic Violence Firearms Unit described to MyNorthWest an example of an uncooperative father of a juvenile who wouldn’t say if the guns were out of the house.

Her solution is: “We would file the ERPO against the juvenile because the father has access to firearms in the home, and the father is not being cooperative with law enforcement to confirm that the firearms are out of the home,” she said, describing how she could use a modified ERPO to resolve this situation.

She wants to red-flag minors in trouble, requiring parents or others in the household to give up their guns or, probably, have them confiscated.

The parent would probably have to kick the minor out to keep his/her guns.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Going beyond their legal authority to take away gun rights.