Protester Jeffrey Williams Arrested in the Shooting of Two Ferguson Police Officers – Update



Booking photo of Jeffrey Williams according to Mediaite

St. Louis County prosecutor, Bob McCulloch announced the arrest of 20-year old Jeffrey L. Williams in the shooting of two police officers last week during a Sunday afternoon press conference.

Bob McCulloch
Bob McCulloch

Williams, an African-American man, was demonstrating the evening the officers were shot.

There is evidence he might have been targeting other individuals but there is no certainty there was even an altercation. Williams acknowledged the shooting but said he wasn’t aiming at the police.

A handgun, used in the shooting, has been recovered.

There might have been others with Williams, a parolee, when the shooting took place. Williams might have shot at the officers from a moving car.

Jeffrey Williams was on probation for stolen property. He had an outstanding arrest warrant. Williams hadn’t shown up for his meetings with his parole officer for seven months.

McCulloch said they had dozens of leads from the community.

Jeffrey Williams is being held on $300,000 US bond, and faces two counts of first-degree assault, firing a weapon from a vehicle and three counts of armed criminal action.

The protest followed the resignation of the police chief. Protesters now want the mayor to resign.

The shot of a person who appears to be Jeffrey Williams making gang symbols is from Conservative Tree House.

jeffrey-williams-gang symbols

Many of the protesters in Ferguson are anarchists, communists and gang members. Too many youth are being lost to gangs and that’s what people should be protesting.