Protesting French Chanted “We Want Trump” as Media Ignores Them — Update


Update: Multiple social media users have stated that the incident is NOT in France, but in England.  Official confirmation of the exact date and location of the incident has not yet been found.

Update: The latest ploy from the French government is to offer a six month delay in taxes but leaders of the yellow vests say it’s inadequate.

There appears to be a new French Revolution underway — an anti-climate change revolution. The French common folk appear to have rejected the globalists and embraced Donald Trump’s country first mantra. There is a media blackout in the United States on the reason for the protests and riots.

CNN claims the protests are the result of Macron’s inability to sell the ideology. It can’t be the ideology itself in their mind.

There are 15,000 signed up for next week’s protests and 104,000 maybes, all protesting Macron’s climate change policies and hiked up fuel prices.

More than 400 people were arrested over the weekend and more than 200 were injured. The French citizens, clad in the now ubiquitous yellow safety vests, marched down the Champs-Élysées to protest their ever-increasing government tax burden.

The French are required by law to keep yellow vests in their cars in case of emergencies which is why they all have yellow vests.


Some protesters chanted, “We want Trump” this past weekend, the third week of increasingly violent riots. They are rejecting Emanuel Macron. The same thing is going on during protests in London.

The French have had it with the globalists. Macron levied a new tax on gasoline and other household fuels and it seems to have been the last straw. French citizens were hit with a tax increase in January. More than 60% of the cost of fuel in France comes from government fees.

When the US teargasses invaders, the US is condemned. When the French teargas their own, the media ignores it.

They want balanced trade deals and don’t expect their farmers and workers to lead this ecological transition when other countries don’t.


The globalist billionaires are destroying the Western World and it’s time to fight back while we still have something to fight for. These elites think they will ordain how we will all live while they travel around in their gas-guzzling vehicles on the taxpayer’s dime ranting about climate change.




We will face the same violence and destruction if the left gets their carbon taxes and other climate agenda policies into effect.

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herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Amen! God bless them for awakening to reality about the Tyrannical leaders.