Protests Not Against the U.S. Administration, They’re Over a “Disgusting” Movie Trailer


Obama Bowing to the Saudi Theocrat

You will be very happy to know that none of the African and Middle East protests, now including over 21 nations, are against this administration or any of us for that matter.

Jay Carney said it so you can take that to the bank. How does Jay sleep at night?

The fanatics are  screaming, Death to Obama and Obama, Obama, we are all Osamas. They are ripping down American flags and replacing them with al-Qaeda flags. The al-Qaeda flag hangs over the U.S. Embassy in Tunisia. But it’s not against the U.S. or the U.S. administration???

The attacks are planned and coordinated. Libya said the Benghazi attack was planned for months to occur on the 9/11 date.

Ambassador Stevens’ mother said, “I sure do feel animosity toward those nuts who got in there and did this, (but) it had nothing to do with the politics of Libya. They were not insurgents, they were Islamic fanatics.”

The people creating this violence are the extremists, including Salafis, who want us out of the region.

Hillary Clinton blamed the “disgusting” movie (trailer) during the return of the bodies of those murdered in Benghazi (after saying she had not seen the movie). She launched into an attack on our free speech again.

In the following video, Jay Carney attempts to deflect attention towards the YouTube clip and away from the actions of the administration: