Scarborough BEGGED Kushner to Stop the “Sleazy Cheating Story”


Joe Scarborough BEGGED Jared Kushner to squash National Enquirer story about his relationship with Mika, according to a source speaking with Fox News.

A White House ‘aide’ says the blackmail claims are lies. On Friday, in a Washington Post article and on air at MSNBC, the duo said Trump blackmailed them. If they didn’t change their coverage, he was going to tell his friend at the National Enquirer to post the hit piece.

A top White House source says Scarborough had a friendly relationship with Jared Kushner and asked him if there was anything that could be done about the article. Trump is a friend of  David Pecker’s, the chief executive of The Enquirer’s parent company, American Media.

Kushner allegedly told Scarborough that the former Republican congressman needed to talk to the president himself, to which Scarborough replied that Trump was angry at him. The source said Kushner answered: “Well, then maybe you should apologize.”

The source said there was nothing to suggest a quid pro quo or blackmail.

If true, this dramatically changes things and it’s at least as believable as the duo’s blackmail story.

An Enquirer story of their alleged cheating scandal was run in early June. An article on Scarborough and Brzezinski’s “sleazy cheating scandal” alleged their affair began when they were married to other people.

American Media denies the article had anything to do with revenge or blackmail.

Imus unloaded Dumb and Dumber

Imus unloaded on Psycho Joe Scarborough and points to Joe’s lies. He’s a “back-stabbing phony, liar, punk, phony, and he sucks”, Imus says. But only Imus could make that sound funny.

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