Psycho Pro-Choice Leader Couldn’t Answer One Question on Tucker


For my older readers, be sure to take your blood pressure medication before listening to this clip from Tucker Carlson Tonight. The moonbat pro-choice guest named Monica Klein responded to questions about the extreme new abortion law supported by far-left Governor Northam of Virginia. Northam thinks it’s okay to execute an aborted baby’s life after birth and the new law allows it.

If Tucker really thought this psycho-babbler was going to answer even one single question, he was wrong. She could be stupid, but we’re going with insane.

This is the type of person and ideology that has infiltrated the Democrat Party.

He tried to discuss extreme post-birth abortion and she said he wants to go back to the days of the coat hangers. When he asked her to not give talking points and think about it as a woman, she falsely accused him of wanting to abolish Roe v. Wade, claimed women can’t get healthcare and insisted men should “not have a single say in it.”

Tucker said he thought less of her because she wouldn’t answer a question and she said she always thought less of him.

The fact is she is just as extreme as Northam and that is why she wouldn’t answer a question. Her goal was only to insult and lie.

The conversation was much crazier than I can describe with words. She even went on to the border issue. It left me breathless. Tell us what you think in the comments section.

You have to listen to believe this:

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