Psycho Tom Arnold threatens to kill Don Jr but it’s OK, he’s a comic


Roseanne Barr’s profligate ex, Tom Arnold hates everyone on the right and spreads hate to his many angry followers on Twitter. In one of his latest hate tweets, he fantasizes about murdering Donald Trump Jr.

He penned his threat in response to a photo he tweeted of Donald Trump Jr. holding a lion’s tail.

The Trump older sons are hunters. Apparently, the left no longer allows that. Theodore Roosevelt is rolling in his grave.

Democrats are fine with Arnold’s threats judging from the responses. You see, when one of theirs threatens someone, Twitter and the party members have no problem with it, but let James Woods joke about soy boys and he’s condemned and banished. If people tweet ‘learn to code’, they are banned.

Many say he’s a comic and it’s a joke.

A number of Trump fans who are Twitter users sent the tweet to the Secret Service and the FBI.

Arnold’s tweet threatening Donald Jr is still up as is his profile. Most of the responses on his tweet are from violent leftists cheering him on or threatening to kill Donald Jr. One user altered the hunting photo by putting a beheaded Donald Jr. in the photo.

This is the photo:

And this is his reply to one of the commenters on the photo:

Donald Trump Jr. Responded

He gets daily threats and exploding packages of white powder have been sent to his homes, he says.

These leftist Hollywood people are evil.

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