Psychobabblist Prof Says Science Is “Colonial”, “Racist”, Allowed “Capitalism to Flourish”

Sara Giordano

Feminist Professor at the University of California-Davis, Sara Giordano, writing for the Catalyst, titled a recent article, Those who can’t, teach critical science literacy as a queer science of failure.

She argues that “traditional science” relies on a “colonial and radicalized form of power” and must be replaced with an “anti-science, antiracist, feminist approach to knowledge production.”

She plans to “challenge the authority of Science” by “rewriting knowledge” through a feminist lens.

“At the root of the justification for social inequality then is Western science,” she says, claiming that science’s distinction between “humans and non-humans” has allowed  “capitalism [to become] justified as a natural economic system.”

This professor switched from neuroscience to women’s studies and Neuroscience is all the better for it, but Women’s Studies, not so much.

Read more at Campus Reform.



  1. Weird. What happens to these women? That they get to this place where they see the entire world with this ‘lens’ of seeing discrimination — everywhere. Very strange. Like their brains, their psyches, got just screwed up. Not unlike blacks who see discrimination everywhere, and fail to see their own failings.

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