Publisher Rejects Bergdahl Book, It Might Hurt the White House


Bowe Bergdahl with terrorist friend

Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon mates want to tell their side of the story but one publisher rejected their book because it might hurt the left and the White House. The same publisher, Atria Publishing, did accept a book that lambasted George Bush.

Also in the email: “[T]he Conservatives are all over Bergdahl and using it against Obama,” Durand wrote, “and my concern is that this book will have to become a kind of ‘Swift Boat Veterans for Truth’”—a reference to the group behind a controversial book that raised questions about John Kerry’s Vietnam War record in the midst of his 2004 presidential campaign. (Durand did not respond to requests for comment. “We do not comment about our editorial process,” said Paul Olsewski, vice president and director of publicity at Atria.)

That book was a best seller.


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