Puerto Rico’s Delegate Says President Trump Has Given Them All They Asked For


The President’s critics have tried to turn Puerto Rico’s plight after two hurricanes into his Katrina, but it’s not true. A Puerto Rico official said in an interview that the President is giving them everything they have asked for. All the resources and all the help is there, she said.

The Puerto Rico Delegate to the House of Representatives, Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon, told USA Today that the President has provided all the help they requested in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

“I will tell you that everything that the president said that he was going to send to the island, it’s getting there. The resources are there. The help is there,” Colon said.

“There are things that I never do, but, you know, the president is always out of the script,” Colon remarked. “And I think that’s the main difference. People are used to having politicians that are politically correct, that follow the script, and he’s not like that. I mean, what you see is what you get and that’s the way he is.”

“He instructed all his cabinet members to treat Puerto Rico as a state, in terms of this hurricane,” she said. “I mean, that kind of instruction is important to have access to all those programs.”

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