Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporter Receives Accolades for Finding Trump’s Tax Returns in His Mailbox


David Cay Johnston, a barely-known reporter who won a Pulitzer Prize for beat reporting on the tax code

Desperate Democrats go back and forth from the fake Russia conspiracy theory to the where are the tax returns tale almost no one cares about. It’s all meant to undermine the President.

Rachel Maddow’s exposé on Trump’s tax returns fell flat last night. It was humorous though hearing the tax code beat reporter described as a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist as if he just broke a case. The case he broke was of Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return which he found in his mailbox.

Last night, Rachel Maddow revealed – on air – two pages of Donald Trump’s illegally-obtained 2005 tax returns. Allegedly famous investigative reporter David Cay Johnston, who few heard of, said the returns turned up mysteriously in his mailbox and he believes Trump himself could have sent them because of the President’s history of leaking news and because of the content of the return.

The returns show Trump paid $38 million in taxes at a 25% tax rate, higher than Obama, Romney, and Bernie Sanders.

CNN and MSNBC’s Morning Joe and Rachel Maddow all seem to agree with this latest ridiculous conspiracy theory. Johnston also says Trump has close contacts with criminals and Russia he doesn’t want the public to see. He presented no proof of that last evening, he only presented proof that Trump paid a lot of taxes. He wrote a gossipy book years back about these supposed ties. He hates Trump.

What makes more sense is Trump’s tweet.

The media is reporting that the 25% Trump paid is what an average family pays. In truth, an average family, of the little more than 50% who actually pay federal taxes, pays about a 12% tax rate. If 25% is a problem, why doesn’t the media criticize Bernie, Obama, Comcast and Romney who paid less?

David Brock, the Soros-Clinton dirty tricks guy, has offered $5 million for Trump’s complete tax returns. He wants them legally obtained which is disingenuous since Donald Trump isn’t giving them out and that’s the only legal avenue.

To add to the latest media storm of attacks, David Johnston is claiming he’s receiving threats and is the victim of mob tactics. That’s to show how unruly Trump’s supporters are.

Also adding to the multi-pronged attacks is the questioning by Trump of Johnston’s credentials as a “famous” reporter. Wiki has a page up on Johnston who won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting on tax code.

Johnston received the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Beat Reporting “for his penetrating and enterprising reporting that exposed loopholes and inequities in the U.S. tax code, which was instrumental in bringing about reforms.”

Imagine people never hearing of a tax code reporter!!! The Wiki page was last modified on 15 March 2017, at 07:09. If you go back to the Wayback Machine, you will find, it’s been greatly expanded, especially since he wrote an anti-Trump book that could be exploited by the media during the election.

All Johnston apparently did in his investigative reporting was to go to his mailbox, at least that’s how he portrays it.

Tucker Carlson summarized it nicely when he said last night that it is NBC that meddled in the elections, not Russia.

MSNBC which is a division of NBC is merely continuing the fake news stories to undermine the President.

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