Pure evil: Disappearing Ivermectin Group


British Ivermectin Recommendation Development or more commonly known as the “BIRD” Group—was just eradicated from the memories of Twitter.

At this point, the line has been crossed. Social technology companies like Twitter and Facebook, which have all but monopolized communications, have turned into levers for a particular government imperative—all hinting of imminent authoritarianism.

Controlling and overcoming COVID-19 is merely the cover to a deeper, nefarious, far-reaching power grab. The victims in this sad state of affairs—patients, doctors, and much of society. TrialSite’s emphasis has always been to pursue the truth in biomedical and health-related research—for the patient, the doctor…



  1. Didn’t Trump mention that months ago?
    The souls of all the “collateral damage” cry out against the EVIL slime that is the deep state and their globalist paymasters.

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