Put Your White Privilege Glasses On You Bigot


white privilege glasses

The Chicago Theological Seminary it the organization that produced the short video and launch event on Monday, debuting the video and holding a Q&A about the program.

The speaker talked about white supremacy and white privilege as if they were synonymous. During the event, the spokesperson said the pastors are pushing the notion of white privilege and white supremacy.

She added that when people are first asked what white privilege means to them, they react with “shame and fear”.

Personally, I don’t. I react with anger and disgust at this wildly far-left thought filtering through our nation as if it were legitimate.

White privilege is bigotry against whites. It’s a way of saying whites are inherently racist and should think of their white privilege day and night.  People must start standing up against this kind of angry, divisive ideology from the far-left who are actually making this mainstream.

Watch their clip in which they expose the white person to slavery, white people shunning them, police glaring, cabs ignoring:


  • Americans have been listening to this bullshit for quite a while now. I can’t wait for the push back when their boy is out of the White House.