Putin Calling the Shots in Syria & Turkey

Obama campaigning day after he learned of the murders at Libyan consulate.

We are finding out what happens when the U.S. has a weak president in this dangerous world – Putin calls the shots.

Putin has ordered NATO – that would be us – to stay out of Syria and Turkey.

via Yahoo News

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia told NATO and world powers on Tuesday they should not seek ways to intervene in Syria’s civil war or set up buffer zones between rebels and government forces.

Moscow further called for restraint between NATO-member Turkey and Syria, where violence along their shared border has strained relations between the former allies.

Tensions have flared since a mortar round fired from inside Syria struck the territory of Turkey. Ankara has threatened to respond if the strike were repeated.

When asked by Interfax if Moscow worried whether the tense border situation could prompt NATO to intervene to defend Turkey, its easternmost member, Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilovwarned against any such step.

“In our contacts with partners in NATO and in the region, we are calling on them not to seek pretexts for carrying out a military scenario or to introduce initiatives such as humanitarian corridors or buffer zones.”

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, one of Assad’s most caustic critics, recently lashed out at Russia for blocking efforts at the U.N. Security Council to exert pressure on Assad and said Moscow’s stance allowed massacres in Syria to continue.

Turkey has floated the idea of setting up “safe zones” inside Syria to protect civilians from the conflict but that would also have to be approved by the Security Council…

President Obama is the man who went to sleep not knowing what happened to Ambassador Stevens or the other people at the Libyan consulate. He woke up to find out that there were several dead and callously flew off to a fundraiser in Vegas complaining all the while about the tough day we all had. He then compared his campaign workers to the murdered American officials.

‘The sacrifices that our troops and our diplomats make are obviously very different from the challenges that we face here domestically but, like them, you guys are Americans who sense that we can do better than we’re doing….I’m just really proud of you.’ [Daily Mail]

The messages he is sending to our allies and enemies alike diminishes us in ways I never dreamed possible. Can you imagine what life will be like when Obama has “more flexibility” and can completely disarm us and reduce our missile self-defense to a pile of rubble?




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