Putin Has Begun the Soft Invasion of Eastern Ukraine, Obama Silent


Donetsk Region

Donetsk Region of Ukraine

Putin is stirring up trouble in Eastern Ukraine in advance of a military takeover. Pro-Russian protesters in a number of eastern Ukrainian cities, including the mining city of Donetsk, are taking over buildings, and in the case of Donetsk, demanding “freedom” from Ukraine. Kiev officials say that Putin is attempting to “dismember” the Ukraine in a replay of Crimea. That is undoubtedly the case.

There will be no help from the United States or the EU.

In fact, our Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, has no clue as to what is going on. During a Bloomberg TV interview this past week, Hagel said, “I don’t think it was a matter of misjudging Putin,” he said. “What his intentions were, why he did what he did, we still don’t understand fully.”


Chuck Hagel, proving yet again that there is no such thing as too dumb to be Secretary of Defense.

Hagel is either misjudging Putin or he’s lying.

It is obvious what is going on. Vladimir Putin has begun a “soft invasion” of Ukraine. As he did with Crimea, he is pretending he must protect the people in the Ukraine after he incites the violent protests and seizures of buildings. Protesters operate under his command.

These self-proclaimed liberators, who are pro-Russian, established a council Monday, declaring plans to schedule a referendum on May 11 to form the independent Republic of Donetsk, to be called “The People’s Republic of Donetsk,” which will then join Russia, according to Ria Novosti, a Russian online paper.

When this happened in Crimea, there were two choices on the ballot – join with Russia now or later.

They are also asking Putin to send in a “temporary peacekeeping contingent.”

A Federation Council member Ilyas Ukhmanov told RIA Novosti that it “doesn’t automatically mirror what happened in the Crimea and Sevastopol.”

That should be enough reassurance for President Obama to lay back while all this goes down.

Using the same routine Putin used with Crimea, Ukhmanov said the “events in Ukraine were a result of contradictions between the multinational, multi-confessional population of Ukraine on the one hand, and the unitary nature of Ukraine’s nationhood on the other, which “does not allow national minorities, languages, or representatives of other religions to develop.” He added that protests across southeastern Ukraine [which are most certainly whipped up by Putin’s minions] are “a natural reaction towards the outrage” that has swept the country.”

He said this proves the need for constitutional reform. That statement, more than any other, makes their intentions clear. Russia will rewrite the constitution of Ukraine and take them over.

As of Sunday, protesters have taken over government buildings in Donetsk, Lugansk, and Kharkove, all in eastern Ukraine. Another 3,000 people allegedly took control of the national bank’s building in Lugansk. They waved Russian flags, chanting “Russia! Russia!” according to Russia’s state-controlled media.

Putin has already been active in Moldavia. The liberators there are demanding independence and then unity with Russia.

Before he seized Crimea, Putin spread the fiction that a neo-Nazi, Jew-hating, extreme nationalist government had taken over Kiev.

While Putin conquers, Obama and the EU dither, babble, and do basically nothing. The compliant media asks, What can he do?  It’s a good soundbite. There is plenty he could do but he won’t.

Putin has already said he’s concerned about Estonia and their lack of support for minority Russians, mimicking the dialogue that preceded the Crimean takeover.

If Hagel really can’t figure out what is going on, could someone send him a tweet letting him know?



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