Q Upheaves the Narrative and Facilitates the Bypass of Establishment Media Fakery


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Q’s Clues: Q Upheaves the Narrative and Facilitates the Bypass of Establishment Media Fakery

By Paul Dowling

Author’s disclaimer: Although this article takes Q seriously, the writer makes no claims with regard to Q.  The purpose of this article is to make a case that illuminates why Q’s popularity is growing so rapidly from the point of view of a serious researcher of Q who poses serious questions.  The reader is invited to do research, as well, and to use his or her own judgment.

“Logical thinking.”  – Q


Is Qanon a “Conspiracy Theory”?

Because Q’s modus operandi is mainly to ask questions to, and encourage logical thinking by, its anonymous online followers and correspondents – called “anons” – the description of Qanon as being a “conspiracy theory” is puzzling.  Conspiracy theorists generally state their notions without offering any information from sources that would normally oppose their theories.  Q, on the other hand, uses the Socratic method to engage researchers and offers information across the entire spectrum of news sources – including the New York Times, USA Today, NBC News, and others – to help answer the questions being posed.  Q’s entire aim seems to be geared towards the draining of the DC Swamp, so to speak, and appears to be following a Plan in order to bring about a brighter future for all Americans, a Plan that may well bring about the arrest of myriad treasonous individuals who have been selling out America to China, Russia, and other countries for years.

It works like this: Q mainly asks questions to get anons to work together to find answers along Q’s suggested lines of inquiry.  This promotes a feeling of coöperation and teamwork on a national – or even international – scale and keeps morale high among Q’s patriotic followers, whose ranks are increasing in size daily, as evidenced by the fact that Q is constantly under attack by the corrupt mainstream media.  According to Q-drop #2491, from November 12, 2018, “As of 3:02 pm est today, ‘Qanon’ is now the #2 most attacked entity behind POTUS within the U.S.  [R+D COORDINATED BLITZ ATTACK]  Logical Thinking > WHY?  WHY WOULD THE BIGGEST MEDIA CO’S IN THE WORLD CONTINUE TO ATTACK THIS MOVEMENT?  2+2=4  Congratulations, Anons!  YOU ARE NOW THE SECOND BIGGEST THREAT TO THE ESTABLISHMENT.  BADGE OF HONOR! . . .  Q”


Q Calls the Media Narrative into Question

By taking Q’s questions seriously and seeking answers, one is likely to arrive at this simple conclusion: The establishment media complex projects a worldview that the people are intended to accept and live by.  This media-imposed worldview is often referred to as “the narrative.”  Anyone who goes against the narrative tends to be singled out for scorn and derision.  Anyone who questions anything the narrative holds to be true is taunted and ridiculed as a “conspiracy theorist.”  But, in reality, it is the fake-news media that have hijacked the truth, misrepresented news events, and revised the people’s history.


Operation Mockingbird: Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy Fact?

The mockingbird is renowned for its mimicking of other birds, just as the legacy media all copy one another’s talking points.  It is not hard to see this in action; if one would only flip from channel to channel during the news hour, one would hear practically every anchor using the exact same wording as every other – for example, almost every single media outlet’s repetition of the term “manufactured crisis,” per Sean Hannity’s video montage illustrating this tendency.  This daily-recurring echo chamber exists, courtesy of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), since it is the CIA that controls the media by means of Operation Mockingbird, a program implemented in the late 1950s, in an effort to get all the voices in the press eventually to conform to each other, thereby depriving Americans of a truly free press, driven by the principle of free inquiry, instituting in its place a system of messaging more in line with that of socialist countries, such as Cuba or Venezuela.  An argumentative free press reflects a diversity of opinion on every matter, while a narrative-controlling “mockingbird press” enforces conformity of opinion in the mouths and from the pens of “thought leaders” by means of CIA handlers dictating what the messaging should be.  This is what the CIA has been doing for years, although the official narrative denies that this true, calling it a “conspiracy theory.”

The truth of all this can be proven by bearing witness to the actions and words of Frank Church, a senator from Idaho, whose Church Committee reported that CIA manipulation of the media had been uncovered by Congressional investigations into the CIA’s activities with regard to news reporting.  Upon being asked, “Do you have any people being paid by the CIA who are contributing to a major circulation American journal?” the chilling reply forthcoming from the CIA was this one: “We do have people who submit pieces . . . to American journals.”  When asked, “Do you have any people paid by the CIA who are working for television networks?” the CIA refused to answer, suggesting instead that “[t]his, I think, gets into the kind of . . . details, Mr. Chairman, that I’d like to get into in executive session.”  And Sig Mickelson of CBS admitted to the following, on camera, with regard to CBS’s news reporting: “I think it was entirely in order for our correspondents, at that time, to make use of the CIA agent chiefs of station and other members of the executive staff of CIA as sources of information which were useful in their assessments of world conditions. . . .  I would think probably, for a reporter, it would continue today, but, because of all of the revelations of the period of the 1970s, it seems to me that the reporter’s got to be much more circumspect in doing it now, or he runs the risk of at least being looked at with considerable disfavor by the public.  I think you’ve got to be much more careful about it.”

Therefore, it is not a “conspiracy theory” to assume that the Intelligence Community is framing narratives and using those narratives to control what people believe and, thereby, even influence how voters might choose to cast their ballots.  Politicians who support the prevailing narratives put forth by the CIA would tend to stand the best chance of receiving the votes of those who believe the CIA/media narrative.  However, there has always been a faction within the populace that has not readily accepted the CIA/media narrative; these people have often been bullied, ridiculed as “right-wing nut jobs.”  But eventually – even miraculously, according to some – along came Donald Trump, campaigning to win the presidency by taking on all the misguided political correctness and fraudulent historical revisionism, while exposing the Mockingbird Media as “fake news.”  Q began posting during President Trump’s first year in office; it was not long before “Q proofs” began to establish a relationship between Trump and Q.

Q Drops Some Bread

Early in the afternoon, on January 28, 2020, the anonymous Q dropped this “breadcrumb”: “Anons found the subtle hint dropped in the beginning.  Think Durham start.  Think ‘Q’ start.  You have more than you know.  Q”  To help illuminate the meaning of this cryptic comment, it should be noted that Q provided this link to the Wikipedia: LINK.  Prominently displayed in this Q-drop is the famous portrait of Washington Crossing the Delaware, by Emanuel Leutze, and following the link to the Wikipedia brings one to the definition for a Durham boat: “The Durham boat was a large wooden, flat-bottomed, double-ended freight boat which was in use on many of the interior waterways of North America beginning in the middle of the eighteenth century. . . .  They are also noted for their use in Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River during the American Revolution.”


Paying Attention to Coincidence: On the Subject of Durham

Of course, the reference to “Durham” is not without a greater context, since John Durham is the lead investigator into the corruption of the DC Swamp; also, “coincidentally,” Durham was appointed to be a US Attorney on the exact same date that Q started posting online.  Doing a search for “John Durham” at Qmap.pub will yield Q-drop #3673, among others.  The questions posed by Q-drop #3673 are these: “Month/day ‘Durham’ initiated?  Month/day ‘Q’ public campaign initiated?  How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?  It was over before it began.  Q”  So, according to the US Department of Justice, “Mr. Durham has served as the interim U.S. Attorney since October 28, 2017, after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions signed an order appointing him to the position.”  And Q, who has been dropping “breadcrumbs” since October 28, 2017, as well, is hinting that there is a Plan in place to drain the Swamp that is still playing out toward what would seem to be a well-orchestrated conclusion, the implication being that, with the hiring of Durham and the initiation of Q on the same day, the campaign to take down the Deep State was “over before it began.”


The Wildwood Trump Rally: Why Its Location Was So Meaningful

The second piece of bread dropped on January 28th, Q-drop #3801, read as follows: “Do you believe in coincidences?  Where is the rally held tonight?  Enjoy the show!  Q”  So, Q researchers went on high-alert and – with Q-drops 3800 and 3801 in mind – tuned in to watch Trump’s speech later that day, which was held in Wildwood, New Jersey, not far from where Washington had crossed the Delaware River, using Durham boats, to attack Hessian mercenaries at Trenton.  And, sure enough, President Trump performed what is known in the parlance of Q researchers as a “Q proof” by making mention of George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware at the tail-end of his speech, speaking these words: “New Jersey is the state where George Washington led a die-hard band of American patriots to victory at Trenton and Princeton and Monmouth in our glorious battle to win American Independence.  George Washington. . . .  This is the state where generations of tough and strong New Jersey craftsmen and dock hands, farmers and factory workers built this country into the single greatest nation on the face of the earth, and we are making it greater and greater every day.  It will never be better than what’s coming.  There’ll never be anything like what we’re doing.”


“Our Movement is About Replacing a Failed and Corrupt Political Establishment”

Another bit of bread dropped by Q, on January 28th, connects to a YouTube video.  The post simply offers a link that leads to avideo entitled “This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected.”  It is a staple of the Q Movement that is worth watching, as this short speech by Trump only seems truer with each passing day, especially if one continues to read the links to news articles provided by Q over time.  The appearance of this link to Trump’s speech at this time would seem to indicate that America is on the cusp of realizing that the full meaning of Trump’s words is about to be realized, that the “corrupt political establishment” to which Trump refers in his comments shall finally be exposed and brought to justice, as high treason and mass corruption are exposed among the elites.


Did Trump Send Nancy Pelosi a Message?

Many in the Q Movement believe that, at the same time President Trump was providing a validation of Q, Trump was also sending a message to Nancy Pelosi and the Deep State by holding a rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, which is not only in the vicinity of Washington’s famous Delaware crossing, but which is also near to the site of the Battle of Turtle Gut Inlet.  This is the place where the Patriots deliberately abandoned, and destroyed, a ship that was bringing munitions to the Continental Army from the Virgin Islands on June 28, 1776.  When two British warships had effectively trapped the much smaller brigantine and had started to move closer to her, the Patriots decided to offload what munitions they could before detonating the remaining supply, along with the ship, in order to prevent the use of those munitions by the enemy.  Eleven British were killed in the explosion, having boarded the ship unaware that a deadly fuse had been lit.  And what, pray tell, was the name of the ship that was blown to smithereens by the Patriots?  The ship’s name was The Nancy.


How Many Coincidences Before Mathematically Impossible?

The last bread dropped by Q, on January 28th, was this simple message: “THE BEST IS YET TO COME!”  This message was accompanied by this Twitter link: LINK.  Following the link will lead to a short clip from POTUS’ speech in Wildwood that highlights the portion where the president talks about George Washington, thus confirming the Q-drop from earlier during the day.  This type of Q-proof has happened many times over the past few years, prompting Q to ask this question on occasion: “How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?”



Q wrote, in Q-drop #3734, the following words: “Backchannels are important.  Know your history and you will know why.”  The point Q is making is that factual communication, shared out to the public on the Q boards, bypasses the propaganda being disseminated daily by the corrupt media establishment.  Q provides backchannel news that is not being widely broadcast but which, nonetheless, is offering valuable and enlightening guidance to all comers.  Is Q Trump’s backchannel news journal, as it were?  Q’s eye-opening and revelatory news is definitely of value, in that it offers verifiable information that renders transparent everything that the Deep State has been doing, thus offering invaluable support to President Trump’s administration.  Although Q likes to use the metaphor of game-playing, from time to time, Q also reminds people that “[t]his is not a game.”  It is downright serious business, even if Q is trying to provide an engaging and entertaining way to participate.  Indeed, if Q’s questions are considered soberly and Q’s clues taken seriously, the ease with which answers to Q’s questions can be researched and discovered is often startling and, perhaps, the main reason for Q’s expanding worldwide audience, as well as the ongoing Great Awakening that is now unfolding.


Recently, Q offered these encouraging words: “PEOPLE around the WORLD are ‘WAKING UP’ to the FACT (NOT FICTION) that the CORPORATE [[D] party politically controlled] [6 CORPORATIONS OWN 90%] MEDIA [FAKE NEWS] IS NOT unbiased journalism but POLITICALLY MOTIVATED AND CONTROLLED.  [STATEMENTS NOT FACTS]  THINK FOR YOURSELF AND STOP BEING A SHEEP TO THEIR NARRATIVE.  THEY WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.  NOBODY WALKS AWAY FROM THIS.”  As more people wake up, start thinking for themselves, and dismiss the fake news in favor of conducting their own research, a truth-based Q can only grow in popularity.


For any who are interested in finding out more about Q, these websites may prove helpful:

Qmap: LINK; Qanon News: LINK; The Four Functions of Q, article: LINK; X22 Report, economic & political news, Q-aligned online newscasts, Sunday – Friday: LINK; Praying Medic on Qanon: LINK; “Qanon is 100% Coming from the Trump Administration,” video: LINK; “Q – The Plan To Save The World (Subtitles),” video: LINK; “This Video Will Get Trump Elected,” video: LINK;  “Killing the Mockingbird,” video: LINK; X22 Spotlight, interview with Q Researcher Dave Hayes about Q: LINK.


Paul Dowling

Paul Dowling has written about the Constitution, as well as articles for American Thinker, Independent Sentinel, Godfather Politics, Eagle Rising, and Conservative Notions.



  1. I followed some of that for awhile and soon found it to be a joke. Then Jack Posobiec found out who was behind it and the purpose. It’s a money-making scheme. Just “trust Sessions”, and when HE left and Rosenstein came in, it was ALL part of this grand plan. Wake up people.

    It didn’t take long for the true colors to come out by that group. It started getting filled with anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist conspiracies, including the infamous blood libels, with doctored pictures etc. They sound as feasible as Farrakhan’s number 19.

  2. Now the funniest part of “Q” is the tens of thousands of “sealed indictments”. Evidently Q doesn’t understand the Federal Courts too well and what is sealed and when. They seem to believe anything that is sealed is an indictment and filed by Sessions and / or Rosenstein. Another unique idea was the idea of “military tribunals”. Another lack of understanding by these idiot “non-savants”.

  3. What if Trump is Q? We are living through an agenda in amazing times. These agendas were planned before our grandparents even existed.
    Predictive programming is always going on in movies and television.
    Personally teevee gives me a headache and as a child I could see the subliminal messages.
    At first it scared me and then I started to laugh at it all.
    My brother said you are weird and let’s go through the football around.
    It is best to be avoided but family loves them some teevee and sometimes I have to grin and bear it.
    You can see and hear the same talking points on every channel including local and it gets boring.

  4. Hat tip to those who are hacking at the root. You are not toiling away in obscurity with no results and even if you don’t get any credit know that your ideas are out there.
    Our receptors are open and the message is receiving.
    Thank You God for these people and for all of our gifts and blessings.

    “Your mind is like a parachute and order for it to work, it must be open”

    Frank Zappa

  5. Q follows a pattern of propaganda, and followers behave on these sites as if in a cult.

    Greg pointed out some of the major fallacies from Q, such as, calling major conspirators heroes, claiming that there are thousands of sealed indictments sitting there for years. Yet the followers tell you Q is completely accurate.

    Q seems like intelligence agency propaganda. Lots of the public is fooled by the MSM junk culture that Trump is a Russian agent. Others who are more sensible go to Q to be fooled that justice is on the way, where they read every assurance that justice will be served, followed by excuse after excuse for no action. The MSM is part of the coup, Q is damage control for the coup.

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