Quack Science Guy Bill Nye Gets Demoted as the Face of March for Science


Bill Nye, a fake science guy was to be the sole face of the March for Science to be held on April 22nd to protest Donald Trump’s cuts to climate science, but warring insiders couldn’t accept the fact that he is white, aging and a male. They fear that he might lend substance to the idea that scientists are only old white men.

They needn’t fear that because isn’t really a scientist.

“I love Bill Nye,” said Stephani Page, a member of the March’s board, who was critical of what she considered the March’s lack of diversity. “But I do feel comfortable saying to you what I said to the steering committee: He is a white male, and in that way he does represent the status quo of science, of what it is to be a scientist,” HeatSt reported.  

Two women of color,  Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, Dr. Lydia Villa-Komaroff,  were added to form the three faces of the march and quiet the voices of leftist discontent.

Dr. Hanna-Attisha is a pediatrician who blew the whistle on the Flint water crisis. Dr. Lydia Villa-Komaroff is a molecular biologist. More importantly, their skin isn’t white white and they’re not older men.

The climate march organizers are pretending this is a non-partisan event but they’re leftists of all stripes and it’s hard for them to focus on just one leftist mantra.

Nye graduated from Cornell with a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and was hired at Boeing. In 1999, he told the St. Petersburg Times that he applied to be a NASA astronaut every few years, but was always rejected.

So like any fake science guy, he went into stand up comic routines in his off-hours. He was a writer-actor for sketch comedy. The host of the show Ross Shafer suggested he do science skits for children and take the name “The Science Guy”. Thus, his fake science career was born.

Nye is talented, but not as a climate scientist. He holds several United States patents, including one for ballet pointe shoes and another for an educational magnifying glass created by filling a clear plastic bag with water.  He also appeared on Dancing with the Stars.

None of that makes him a climate scientist but that isn’t why the March organizers denied him his role as the sole face of the event. He was rejected because they’re racists and he’s white. This isn’t about science as much as it’s about diversity and multiculturalism.

He should have been rejected for his non-science background, but instead, it was his skin color that knocked him down.

Intolerant, mean-spirited, condescending, and arrogant, Bill Nye is recently famous for pushing the idea of prison for climate deniers. He has sheer contempt for people who believe in God and likes to share his views with children.

Tucker Carlson took on the mechanical engineer turned comic and his fake science background. Nye didn’t fare well.

Tucker beat him just by asking questions.

The phony scientist argued that climate change is now occurring at a “catastrophically fast” rate, a total faith-based claim.

“So much of this you don’t know!” Tucker shot back. “You pretend that you know, but you don’t know. And you bully people who ask you questions!”

People are just supposed to take his word for it – “the science is overwhelming.” If you don’t agree, he wants you to go to jail.

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