Michelle Obama, Our Guardian of Nutrition, Bans These Popular Foods from Daycare Centers


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There’s a new rule, another freedom-robbing rule, this time from the Queen. It’s not that we want children drinking too much juice or having too much sugar, it’s that the government shouldn’t be in every aspect of our lives, commanding, demanding, and penalizing.

Except for special holidays, daycare centers will no longer be allowed to serve popular children’s cereals like Frosted Flakes, Lucky Charms, Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Cap’n Crunch, and others. Only the most tasteless cereals will be permitted. There are other restrictions as well.

It’s not that we don’t want nutritious food in daycare centers, it’s that we don’t want the government in our business on every imaginable level.

The government agencies constantly pass new “rules” to put us under their thumb. We are being ruled by unelected bureaucrats and in this case, an unelected First Lady as well.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service issued a final rule Monday that will affect more than 3 million kids in daycare centers across the nation.

And, they can only serve juice once a day. There will be no fried foods the proclamation declares. Honey is being discouraged.

The regulation will only allow daycare centers to serve juice once a day, will ban fried foods, and encourages centers to not add honey to a child’s yogurt.

Best practices” include serving only lean meats, nuts, and legumes, and limiting meals with processed meats to a maximum of once a week. The government prefers daycare centers serve low-fat and reduced-fat cheese, and unflavored milk and warns against adding honey or jam to foods.

Sugar is out as much is possible.

The law required the USDA to “promote health and wellness in child care settings via guidance and technical assistance that focuses on nutrition, physical activity, and limiting electronic media use,” according to the regulation.

“This final rule prohibits frying as a way a preparing food on-site,” according to the document. “Frying is defined as deep-fat frying (i.e. cooking by submerging food in hot oil or other fat). This definition of frying was recommended by commenters and continues to allow providers to sauté, pan-fry, and stir-fry.”

The government explained that fish can be served “if it is pan-fried or prepared another way, as long as it is not cooked by submerging the bread into hot oil or other fat.”

Even cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt must meet certain criteria though at first they were going to ban it altogether.

If they “use discretion”, daycare centers will be allowed to break the rules for special occasions, the food fascists declared.

There is always a good reason to take our freedom away.

Source: Free Beacon