Quick Look at the Debate


Hillary wants taxation and regulations, especially on the rich. Trump wants a reduction in both and he wants to redo NAFTA. Hillary wasn’t honest about calling the TPP the gold standard.

She said we will “build on the progress we’ve made in the last 8 yrs”. [Whether you agree with that or not, you will get more of what we just had with her as president.]

The issue of her personal server came up and she said it was a mistake for which she has apologized and has taken full responsibility. He came back at her, saying it wasn’t a mistake.

Hillary kept referring people to her fact-checking website, the website run by the far-left Media Matters/David Brock. It is the same website that said a green meme frog was a white supremacist Nazi.

Hillary misquoted Trump’s comments on climate change and he attempted to correct her. Hillary doubled down on NAFTA.

Rand Paul tweeted about then.

The birther issue should have been dismissed outright but Trump spent time on it with an answer he will pay for in the media.

The Trump website crashed at 9:36.

The crowd cheered when Trump said he can’t release his tax returns until the audit is complete but why doesn’t Secretary Clinton release the 33,000 emails she deleted.

They spent more than 10 minutes on the tax returns.

Trump said the Feds and the political head, Janet Yellen, created the bubble in the Dow. Lester Holt then attacked Trump on the tax returns. Trump wants her emails released first.

Trump said, our country has serious problems…bad roads, airports, etc We don’t have money because it’s been squandered by politicians like you, he told Hillary.

Trump brought up the $6 trillion given to destabilize countries. Clinton talked about Trump not paying taxes.

When the issue of crime and policing came up, Trump said, Secretary Clinton doesn’t want to use two words “law” and “order”.Hispanics and blacks, he said, are living in hell because it’s so dangerous in their communities. There have been thousands of shootings since January 1st in Chicago, he continued, we have to stop the violence. In a place like Chicago, you take the guns away from criminals, gangs are roaming the streets, and in some cases, they are illegal immigrants. We have to protect our African-American cities. Whether you use Stop & Frisk or not, you need law & order.

Four thousand people have died in Chicago since Barack Obama has been president, Trump added, and Chicago is not the only place. Relationships do have to improve but you look at Dallas where the relationships were good and five officers were still killed.

It’s unfair to Hispanics and blacks and what our politicians are allowing to happen to them, he concluded.

Hillary said it’s a shame that he paints such a dire picture of what is happening in the poor communities.

Hillary said Stop & Frisk is unconstitutional and ineffective. She believes in community policing. Hillary condemned private prisons and wants common sense gun laws. She wants military weapons off the street and out of the hands of those who would do harm. She wants people on the no-fly list to be kept from having guns.

Hillary thinks implicit bias is a problem for everyone, not just police. All of us have to ask, why am I feeling this way, but police can have fatal consequences. She wants to train police and police admit it’s a problem, she claimed. The police, she said, want more training for mental health issues.

Moderator Holt continually interrupted Trump but rarely interrupted Hillary.

Trump agreed that no-fly lists have to be looked at and he agrees with Hillary on the issue. He brought up her comments about the black gang kids being “super-predators” — it was a terrible thing to say, he postulated. He said he’s talking about taking guns away from criminals. He brought up the effectiveness of Stop & Frisk which brought murders down from over 2,000 to 500.

Hillary said that the mayor of New York City is a good mayor in relation to that discussion. [He’s a Communist.]

Hillary said Trump was for the Iraq war. Lester Holt started debating Trump about his statements on the war. Holt suggested Trump was lying,. Trump said he debated Sean Hannity against the war who could attest to it. He defended himself unnecessarily on that.

Hillary claimed the Iran deal was successful and we have access we never had before. Trump let that opportunity pass as he did when the question of cyber security came up. He could have obliterated her on cyber security.

Trump was on the defensive and wasted too much time defending himself on unimportant issues like whether or not he supported the Iraq War and he missed opportunities. Hillary has been debating a long time and she’s good at it.

Lester Holt was the biggest loser of the night.


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