Quick Pathway to Citizenship! Kill Someone & Get Pardoned by Cuomo


Far-left Andrew Cuomo is out of the closet as a Progressive [communist/socialist], and he is one of the sorry victims of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Due to his TDS, he has made it a habit of pardoning illegal alien criminals so they can never be deported.

The best way to get on a path to citizenship could be to murder someone and get pardoned by the feckless Andrew Cuomo or Jerry Brown.


If you wonder what kind of President he would be, look to his New Year’s pardons. He released murderers and other dangerous criminals. In the latest batch of ‘pardoned’ criminals, there are illegal alien felons. Since they were granted a pardon, they cannot be deported. They’re OURS NOW!

“It’s a good way to start the year,” City University of New York School of Law professor Steve Zeidman told The New York Times. “These are wonderful people. There are more people who will be productive on the outside.” Zeidman helped set them free.

They are just so WONDERFUL!

Blue Lives Matter has a great report and here is an excerpt:

Zeidman assisted three of the felons with their applications for commutations, including 49-year-old convicted killer Roy Bolus, The New York Times reported.

Bolus and his co-defendant, 49-year-old Alphonso Riley-James, were convicted of murder, robbery, criminal possession of weapons, and burglary for their involvement in a drug deal that left two men dead, the Times Union reported.

Bolus and Riley-James were 18 years old when they traveled to Albany with four other men and broke into an apartment, The Syracuse Post-Standard reported at the time.

The crew then forced 20-year-old William Patterson and 21-year-old George Jones Mosley onto the floor, and another member of the group executed Patterson and Mosley with a bullet to the head.

The crew was also accused of attempting to execute a woman inside the apartment, but the gun jammed, sparing her life.

Police later located they hysterical woman on the roof of the complex and took her to a psychiatric center.

Another man was wounded by the attackers as he fled from the apartment.

Bolus was sentenced to 75 years to life, and Riley-James was sentenced to 50 years to life. Both of them are decades away from being eligible for parole, the Times Union reported.

“These actions will help keep immigrant families together and take a critical step toward a more just, more fair [sic] and more compassionate New York,” he added.

The clown governor is talking about ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, just to be clear!

There are rumors that he plans to run for President in 2020. He can run for President on the America Was Never That Great ticket. Every America hater will be behind him.




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