QUICK READ of all you need to know from last night’s Dem Debates


The Democrat debate winners are the TV viewers who didn’t watch the long slog through socialist rhetoric. The Democrats are just as far-left as they were in the first debates, maybe a little worse.

Questions were primarily aimed at Warren and Pete, the two MSNBC favorites. The network is far-left and those two are far-left.


Moderator Rachel Maddow set up Trump-bashing from the outset but Bernie Sanders said they won’t win just hitting Trump and talking about impeachment, cutting into her unspoken directive. Maddow was brutal in her treatment of the President.

Mayor Pete

Fact check, Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg are not ‘moderates’. They will get to the same place as all the rest.

Mayor Pete won’t make it with Black people, or White people for that matter:

This was funny, though ridiculous:

CNN doesn’t like St. Pete:

This will not endear the saintly Pete to people who love the military:

He’s a victim:


Warren relentlessly touted freebies and the wealth tax.

She is anti-baby:

She called illegal immigration a “manmade crisis” and plans to tear down border walls.


Biden was often ignored and looked catatonic. Joe Biden stuttered and stammered from the beginning and no one asked him about Ukraine.

He couldn’t finish thoughts at times.

He made strange assertions. He came out of the segregationist community.

“I come out of the black community in terms of my support,” Biden said, noting that three former chairmen of the Congressional Black Caucus had endorsed his campaign as well as “the only African-American woman who’d ever been elected to the United States Senate.”

This is what he said about domestic violence against women:

WaPo panned him:


Bernie wants to “bring the people together by prosecuting” President Trump. We are missing the logic in that.

Pleasant Mr. Yang is going to give every American adult $1000 a month to allow a parent to stay home with the child or pay for childcare. He has lots of freebies for all.

Senator Harris viciously attacked Congresswoman Gabbard and called President Trump a war criminal. That’s desperation you hear.

There were no questions about gun violence, open borders, drug addiction, socialism, unlimited abortion, or any other topic where Democrats are challenged by popular opinion. No one really questioned them in a serious way. It was a staged performance.



  1. Being it’s an ongoing same SSDD blather fest it isn’t worth watching. All I needed to know was written in the synopsis written on this site. It’d never been a debate it’s a debacle featuring dim wits and dullards espousing unsustainable doomed programs that are fiscally irresponsible and irrational. These loons need a body condom to protect tax paying citizens from the insertion of their mentally defective and fiscally dangerous flow of flaccid misconceptions of how a successful economy is sustained, the private rights of choosing ones own health care, and Why in the name of sanity should hard working taxpaying citizens have to pay and support illegal alien invaders, deadbeats, derelicts, and the dregs of society? Who in he77 endowed them with their audacious arrogant concept that they know better than we the people do about what is moral, right, or just to be subjected to their cockamamie dictates? None of them are fit to run a our country.

  2. Can you imagine how far these morons have gotten, to destroy the best healthcare that is and the best economy in the world. I’m not impressed with the republicans they seem to not try hard enough, they keep losing elections. If somebody is low in the polls cannot win, change him. Republicans need new leadership in organizing elections. We cannot afford to lose Senate seats.

  3. Liberals being Liberals accusing the Liberals of being known, proven liars, cheats and thieves…… In short, Liberal on Liberal… Now if I could only ENCOURAGE their infighting. I know, I’ll do nothing. That’ll be all it takes. Liberals are self destructive……

  4. None of these People matter, they are merely “Contender’s”…The actual Candidate will be none other then Hillary Clinton……Why????….She Owns the DNC, all her opponents and enemy’s…..Disappear and she is heavily Funded by George Soros cash…..Watch for a “Draft Hillary at the Convention !!!!!…..The FIX is In ……..AGAIN !!!!!!!

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